The Justice Site

All justice is in. And now we have to move. The Goddess Kali says she is done. She now understands that everyone is accounted for that is unjust. They are continuing as normal because they haven’t yet been sentenced and delivered to the prison system. That is all. She says, it is all up to us now. She says when we know what we are doing she moves the worlds so that everyone is in her justice. That would include me.

There is no one in the state hospital prison system anymore that we can’t move out to the 125 Plan. So, the Department of Justice is ready to act in the United States of America. We have investigated every crime. We are able to track every citizen to their present location within twenty four hours of action in the world. Bank accounts, cell phones, landlines, laptops, desktops, license plates, birth certificates, passports, green cards and social security numbers are all traceable just like crimes are by record. This has been a twenty-six year long project of the United States Department of Justice and other agencies.

People have until April 18, 2023 to file their taxes. So, we won’t know until then fully who gets the Green Mason Activist Plan or the 125 Plan. Taxes are able to be filed now. It will take about two weeks to process incoming returns and you will be contacted by an officer if you fill out your taxes with or without an Individualized Wellness Plan and you will be funded accordingly.

For people who are going to prison we will start working on discharging every client at every state hospital in the United States on January 25, 2023 and when all hospitals are vacant we will begin moving people that are convicted criminals in. If you have committed illegal acts you have already been sentenced. We will assign you your state and jurisdiction upon Department of Justice contact with you.

Now that tax season is open and the Department of Justice has finished with its records we are beginning the Pan Revolution for all-rights justice in earnest. The businesses, organizations and industries that are considered illegal, unsafe, bankrupt and unjust will be contacted by March 1, 2023 with instructions. Every criminally charged individual will be contacted by April 15, 2023 with sentencing and relocation specifics. Every 125 Plan participant will be contacted by June 1, 2023.

There will be no taxes in 2024 but all adults will be required to submit a form for their Individualized Wellness Plan and Intention Statement under penalty of law and jail time. There will be no elections in 2024 or in the future. We are now operated as a nation under the Department of Justice.

The news media is considered illegal and unjust by the Department of Justice. Every citizen can be informed of current important events and necessary legal actions by contacting the President’s office and the Dalai Lama. We have brought the world to the brink of destruction with our environmental and business and legal and medical practices. Everything we are saying is a direct result of this serious, life-threatening condition. Covid has proven that to the entire world and so has massive environmental misuse.

The Pan Revolution has been predicted for forty years now. We are a slow moving world. We let it get so bad that we barely survived it. We are not going to do that anymore as your world leaders. The world has been at war and we watched it ourselves. And we experienced it in every detail of society.

This website is a book about change. It tells you how we are going to accomplish it. We mean what we say. We are not joking. And we are not powerless, either. This has been a long time in the making. I, personally have been at this work for twenty-two years. People like Robert and John Kennedy and the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn have been at it for longer. This either thrills you with delight or makes you furious at us. We don’t care. We care if you are happy. We don’t care if you are in disbelief or fury.

It is really not radical change. It is just common sense. We face our choices. That is all.