The Living Economy Prescription

Business life as we know it is about to go through a massive change. Businesses that are illegal or bankrupt or vacant are being removed from our world. Businesses that are green and kind and innovative are being celebrated and supported. This includes the entire banking industry and the entire insurance industry, as well. We have developed guidelines to get you through these changes, whether you are ending or beginning a business.

Businesses that are bankrupt will have to release property and keys on the date specified by the Department of Justice. People that want to own new businesses can find out about upcoming vacant properties by contacting the Dalai Lama with the city and state name and new business name in the subject line. Someone will investigate where you can operate your business in the city of your choice with you.

Banks will be local only. Credit will be forgiven and there will be no new credit given. Bank loans and credit card balances will be erased on June 1, 2023. All credit use will stop on June 15, 2023. Houses under foreclosure will be taken over effective May 1, 2023. People wanting to relocate to a beautiful home in a green mason city can contact to be assigned a housing steward. Put city and state in the subject line and the word Home.

People relocating for the 125 plan can contact the President and put 125 Plan Home in the subject line. Payment arrangements will be set up.

Grocery stores and restaurants will be required to sell only green approved products on May 1, 2023. This means that meat, egg, beer, hazardous supplies and supplement sales will cease on that date. So will hazardous car sales.

Gasoline will cease to be sold on December 31, 2023. All vehicles will need to be solar by that date to operate. This can be arranged at a Certified Green Mason Mechanic in every city. The cost for this upgrade to the fuel system is $200 for approved cars and trucks and inspection will be given at the same time.

All schools will close on the last scheduled day of the school year in 2023 and not reopen. We are moving to a homeschool system.

All bills will be paid for you under the Green Mason Activist Plan or the 125 Plan effective August 1, 2023 except collision insurance which will be paid out of pocket by people in the 125 Plan only.

All insurance will stop effective August 1, 2023.

All non-compliant pharmacies will close effective September 28, 2023. All prescriptions for pharmaceuticals will be tapered off starting March 1, 2023. All prescription and supplement drug sales will end August 1, 2023. Tobacco and hemp sales will end June 15, 2023. All beer and certain liquor sales will cease on September 30, 2023.

All medical practices will end business effective June 30, 2023. A Medical Doctor will be assigned to each city in case of physical emergencies such as broken bones, burns and sprains.

Safe, effective, plant-based birth control for women will be available in grocery stores effective October 1, 2023.

All hospitals except state hospital prison systems will discharge all patients for good effective May 31, 2023. There will be no opportunity for surgery, hospitalization or cancer treatment.

There will be Dollar Days from June 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023 on discontinued products in grocery, department and liquor stores or until supplies run out.

We need a lot of new products and businesses. This is exciting. The Spry Evolution has an antidote for addiction and addictive substances will no longer be available. So, look for the label spry in the grocery store.

The Spry Evolution also has an anecdote to environmental hazards. So look for the label spry on all kinds of products, including cars and clothes and shoes.

This is really your opportunity to thrive. Use it well and be creative. We are an artista economy. We reward brilliance and green initiative with our wallets and our devotion. We would like to be your follower if you are green and good.

The Thrive Revolution, the Living Economy Solution and the Spry Evolution have solid dates on the calendar now. This is designed by your president and your justice team. We are delivering all the information you need to you on this website as soon as we come up with it. There is no excuse not to be informed. It is all available to you. You cannot say you didn’t know because everyone in the world has now been informed of where to find current information through every government in every country.

Businesses and health providers will be required to deliver this information to the rest of the world population by May 15, 2023 after the tax season is over.

This information I am giving on this page and the last few pages I have written is no longer abstract. It is very specific. I am getting it from the team of world leaders that work with me in reiki. Reiki is not an accepted form of communication for me or anyone because we think it is laying on of hands and some sort of distance healing with a stuffed animal but it is this master communication system. And I am still confined in it. And my team says, why are you scared to deliver this information from us? You have been writing around the clock for over two weeks now.

I still have the other world to deal with every single day. And I am doing what is asked of me. And this level has never been asked of me before. I say Goddess Kali on this website. I have noises in my heater and under my sink every night. The sirens run eight to ten times a day by my house. I talk to good people constantly who are trying to figure things out but I never have a full or complete awareness of who is listening or what is definitely true. I know what I am told. And I still go into nonsensical suffering.

I say this not to discount what I put in this book. I say it to show you my truth. I gave you the dates that the President gave me in my reiki. I have never had dates. But I have had tons of false warnings and untrue time frames and false hope. But I doubt you do. God wouldn’t let that happen so specifically to anyone, but I am still not sure that anyone includes me.