The Shame and the Guilt

We are finding out from the government workers that the abuse they witnessed and experienced in the past twelve years is practically eating them up inside with shame and guilt. Because it has been like Nazi Germany and no one did anything to prevent it, including them. We know this to some degree, all of us. Because we witnessed what happened in the Walmart distribution centers with the migrants. That was a concentration camp. I was fresh out of the hospital and about to go back when that and the gentleman’s agreement over nuclear war with North Korea were in the news. I couldn’t understand how there weren’t protests about such clearly brutal practices for our people and their children. And I couldn’t understand why we weren’t dead and blown up by nuclear bombs yet. The only thing people could say was they didn’t sign the contract yet. “But yet,” I said, “they shook hands.” Maybe you were just like me. You knew various things, because I knew about the state hospital and the local hospital system and the violence against my people that goes on there with seclusion and restraint, forced medication, criminally substandard living conditions and water and food deprivation for patients. I was thrown away by our society and put in prison for two years and I still haven’t reported it to one person even though I know how. And I am a professional, like you. There was just no way to speak. And I knew it and I still know it. You should see what my house was like, what my supposed lawyer did and how my neighbor violates my yard. And even right now the sirens are once again running in the streets as they do round the clock and I say nothing. I would say it is a police state. A state of war. And the only thing we can do is survive until God frees us. So don’t worry about shame and guilt. You are murdered. A murdered person has no voice. You have been the voiceless. Just right now stop being a victim and start doing the most you can do with the people that have the best interest of you and the whole entire world at heart. You are beginning at least to know who they are. Keep going friend. We are getting this covered.