World Wide Employment

We are finding our places in the living economy. And it is crucial to our work for the world wide web that we move along into our proper positions. We have funding for every green citizen that values wellness and belonging and beauty and education. And we have a deadline by when you can receive this funding that is getting close. After that, no on else joins our funding source. This requires you to know where you are living and move along.

You can work full time or part time and go to school. You can go to school in lots of ways, and working counts if you go to guilds and clubs and rooms. Until we have figured out our businesses better you will be funded and also receive your salary from your job.

The reason we need to move along is that we have people in jeopardy. Children and elders and trees and mountains. All of our wrens. We need to assist them to thrive. We have officers and an Attorney General in charge. But we all need to be in charge. Our thrive is world wide. We are sixty six billion strong and we are the One World Wellness Team.

So many people are saying they are refusing to listen. No, they will not read this web book. No, they will not study. No, we are not who we say we are. They are our leaders. This is attack. And we are handling it as fast as we can. We know that we can do it. We know that you can, too. Ignorance is not pretty or valuable to us. And people are buckling down to be ignorant. This doesn’t work in the long term.

We know who we are. It is apparent to us that we have the same values. It’s in our Resiliency Room Statement and in every word written right here in these pages. Every word written and spoken has power.

They keep saying the same thing. I am not allowed and that is Nazi. That is mentally ill they say. And no, I am not listening at all. So, they put their fingers in their ears and stick out their tongues at us. Wagging tongues don’t really affect adults. And we are the adults. Not them. Because we are doing our work as a world wide team.

The world wide team is ready to move. So, let’s just move. Let’s help our officers as much as we can. Be an officer if you are a man with a temporary or permanent calling. This is possible world wide. So, go strong arm someone a little. And tell them you mean business with your way. Don’t do this without assistance. But we could use your help with these arrests.