Owlet- One Wellness Team

This is our One Wellness Tribe Leadership Team. We also have a Spry Business Solution Leadership Team. We have a Web Securities Leadership Team, as well.

Beth Gager is the Executive Director of Dakon University, Wren College and Web College and Family Nest Homeschooling Studio. She is the Lead Professor at Dakon University, the Lead Music Therapist for the Pan Musica Guild, a professional musician and the Master Physician for the One World Wellness Tribe. She is the author of the Life Roots Healing System. She is the Rootsong Reiki Operations Manager. She oversees the entire Owlet Staff.

Michael Plan is our Coach Finder. He helps people get in touch with a coach. He can be reached at michaelplan@gmail.com.

David Stone is our Wren Residential College Executive Director. He handles all of our questions about Wren and our Curriculum Response Teams. He can be reached at davidstone@gmail.com.

Russell Town is our Green Steward Coordinator. He gets people set up with all kinds of stewards in their communities. He can be reached at russelltown@gmailcom.

Peter Old is our Twelve Steps of Resiliency go to guy. He is an experienced Alcoholics Anonymous Old Timer. He works with people on all things Twelve Steps. He can be reached at peterold@gmail.com.

Martha Green Shell is our Executive Director of Wren. She oversees all world-wide Wren programming for adults and children. She works with the Dalai Lama at Dakon University to develop and sustain our degree studies. Our day programs and our residential treatment programs are under her world-wide. She can be contacted at marthagreenshell@gmail.com to register for courses with an app and discover which established universities are hosting Dakon. Registration is ongoing.

Letta Thyme is our Director of Resources. She facilitates enrollment in stewardship services. Stewardship services offer assistance with studies, resources, law, coaching, nutrition, housing, life skills and other issues. She can be contacted at lettathyme@gmail.com.

Jeffrey Well is our Medical Doctor and Chief of Staff of the Wren Wellness Initiative. He handles all of our medical needs that are too complicated to understand by ourselves with just meditation and nutrition. He can be reached at jeffreywell@gmail.com.

Justin Herbal is our Lead Pharmacist. He works with people to understand drug interactions, addiction and cravings. He can be reached at justinherbal@gmail.com.

Natania Orchid is our Director of Child and Family Services. She works with children and their families to develop Individualized Wellness Plans and adoption logistics with a team of Child and Family Advocates. She can be contacted at nataniaorchid@gmail.com.

Mary Meadow is our Wren Care Coordinator. She oversees all incoming Wren clients. She is an Herbalist Medical Doctor. She can be contacted at marymeadow@gmail.com.

Nathan Owl is our Herbalist Medical Doctor in charge of Culture Story. He oversees all cultural studies at Dakon University. He can be contacted at nathanowl@gmail.com.

Cora Maize is our Master Herbalist. She works with the Medical Team to create wellness and good health for our Wren participants. She can be contacted at coramaize@gmail.com.

Charlie Barley is our Secretary of Music. He offers support with music lessons, music therapy and music degrees. He can be contacted at panmusic@gmail.com.

Annabella Lace is our Children’s and Family Homeschooling Coordinator. She helps homeschoolers of all ages set up rooms, studios and study programs. She can be contacted at annabellalace@gmail.com.

River Green is our Children’s Musica Program Coordinator. He helps children plan their musical home schooling studies. He can be contacted through panmusic@gmail.com.

Neil Topaz is the Executive Director of Robin. Robin is the Resilient Bird’s Nest. It assists people formerly labeled as intellectually or developmentally disabled or autistic or Down’s with life skills and moving on to thrive. He can be contacted at neiltopaz@gmail.com.

Gretchen Clay is the Executive Director of Amber Grace. Amber Grace is our Independence Resource Center. Anyone that is seeking to become independent no matter what your age or life circumstances have been from around the world can work with an Amber Grace Coach to achieve your wellness dreams. Gretchen can be contacted at gretchenclay@gmail.com by people needing coaching and by future coaches.

Kim Canyon is the Executive Director of Am Nell. Am Nell is our Herbalist Doctor, Midwifery, Botany, Tree Studies, Farming and Earth Science learning program through Dakon University. Courses will be offered through conference calls. They will also be offered at Wren Centers and Am Nell Villages which are houses that are grouped together in cities and towns all over the world. Kim can be contacted at kimcanyon@gmail.com.

Tom Mountain is our Executive Director of Business. He oversees all things for the Spry Business Solution. You can contact him a tommountain@gmail.com.

Tom Green is our Cohousing Secretary. He can be contacted for housing concerns and ideas at tomgreen@gmail.com.

Liam Apple is our Executive Director of Food Apples. He oversees everything to do with our green grocery store experience. He can be contacted at liamapple@gmail.com.

Richard Carpenter is the Executive Director of the Carpenter’s Union. He oversees carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. He can be reached at richardcarpenter@gmail.com.