Doctors of Wren

As described under Wren College, we are getting so advanced in our writing and our design and our studies together that every Wren participant receives a PhD in Writing, Coaching, Beauty Studies, Resiliency, Wellness, Wellness Education, Nourishment, Culture Story, Gardening, Design, Education and Culture and Nell Studies on August 1, 2023.

We have to see as a tribe of professionals what this means for us.

Here are some ideas of where we are going together:

  • Culture is international and green mason activist.
  • Vegetarianism is the norm.
  • Advanced degree attainment is the norm.
  • Homeschooling for children is the norm.
  • Everyone values similar ideals.
  • Wellness, beauty and belonging are our international standards.
  • Education is responsive, world culture based and infinite.
  • Professionalism is universal, sought after and necessary.
  • All people no matter their former status in society are valued and abundantly supported within the tribe.
  • Law follows the person that needs it most.
  • Doctors are professionals that hold the standards of care that we need to thrive.
  • Thriving is our way.
  • The beauty way that we espouse is no longer conditional.
  • Every professional follows a color code of ethics called the Resiliency Room Statement.
  • Children and elders are seen as our biggest resources.
  • Houses and buildings meet beauty standards.
  • We use our purchasing power to be green.
  • Green is the common language of the world.
  • Inferior products are removed and never replaced.
  • Every product is considered Wren design.
  • Every tribe member is a Doctor of Design and we all hold the standards of beauty that the earth needs from us.
  • We understand as Doctors of Beauty Studies that we are the responsible team for making sure that every place and part of our world supports the earth and its natural tendency to be green.
  • We understand as Doctors of Wellness and Wellness Teachers that we have to make an effort to be well. This is what we teach and live by.
  • We understand as Doctors of Resiliency, Nourishment, Culture Story and Education and Culture that we can not ever let the world become what it was.
  • We understand as Doctors of Gardening and Nell Studies that the earth needs our attention to give it the proper care and we need heirloom seeds and plants to protect our green world.
  • We understand as Doctors of Writing and Coaching that we take care of our tribe by communicating clearly with our minds and hearts in thrive.