Our Family Way- Guidelines for Adoption

There are many babies, children, young adults, Down’s (you know, those of us that want to be light as a feather and stick together) and elders that are desperate for adoption into a safe loving home or neighborhood family inside a community of people that care about justice and beauty. We need some guidelines for how to adopt and be adopted.

Adoption Guidelines:

  • Choose your families based on where you want to live and the ages you feel you are most drawn to. We want to avoid airplanes and long trips, so be within five hours or so of your new chosen family.
  • Get your house set up in your Tea Thyme Village.
  • Share your Individualized Wellness Plan (help the kids write them) and your Owl Statement.
  • Share your favorite things to study, your favorite things to cook, your favorite music, photos of your pretty things and write and talk to each other. Parents to be should tell kids stories and sing them songs.
  • Be okay with not matching just like you can be okay with knowing right away. Relationships can take time to develop and choices take a while to evidence themselves.
  • Remember, Santa Claus needs helpers. So, get yourself established in your own Santa way.