Stewards as Activists

There are different types of stewards that can work in community to activate the Green Living Initiative. We need all kinds of men and women to help us bring our message to children, adults and elders. This is called Wren in Motion.

Types of stewards:

  • Education Stewards- go into schools with the Color Scout Program. Color Scout is our educational program for children. It is a book that explains everything a child needs to know about our green world. So we need copies and children’s advocates and gifts for children that are journals and art supplies and snacks and little fun things. Every school-aged child and preschool child and baby gets an advocate, this includes teenagers.
  • Housing Stewards- go into neighborhoods and decide which houses are most beautiful for our a.m. Nells. Coordinate people moving into our neighborhoods by deciding how a community functions with Wren Colleges, Pharmacies, Lodges and the Lawns.
  • Beauty Stewards- design and furnish houses complete with everything needed including dishes.
  • Community Stewards/Coaches- Work with all kinds of people to address their needs for living independently and together in our neighborhoods. These stewards like to do a variety of tasks like cooking, cleaning, coaching, shopping, yard work and giving rides.
  • Chefistas- people willing to provide tons of delicious vegetarian food and baked goods to our people that still need help with their nutrition
  • Neighborhood Stewards- work with people to do a variety of tasks to develop our neighborhoods and make them thrive
  • Mason Stewards- set up our mason lodges and work to serve the community wide initiative of thrive
  • Wren Coaches- work on setting up Wren in every kind of location
  • Homeschooling Coaches- people that homeschool children with a lot of support from the tribe on how to set up bedrooms, schoolrooms and playrooms, how to buy educational materials and use Wren as a basis for helping all ages thrive that are not going to college but are studying up to the high school level. This includes our babies for Carrot Tots and our Morning Friends who are our preschoolers and kindergardeners.
  • Pharmacists and Herbalist Medical Doctors- old time pharmacists or doctors that use the kitchen herb apothecary approach to help people with health concerns while they are healing and getting good nutrition
  • Business Musica- play music in a meeting to uplift and center and focus the group for whatever learning and business is happening
  • Supply Stewards- truckers, business owners and all people in the supply chain that operate the living economy by moving green products into stores, restaurants and businesses and moving toxic, dangerous and non-green products out