Cast your vote for love

I’ve noticed something big happening in the way the world feels lately. Many of us have, The election is bringing out the full spectrum of who we are. There is so much movement, so much emotion, so much power. To me, it feels like goodness. When I say that to people, they want to believe me, but they feel unsure. All they can often feel at first  is what is on the surface and what is on the surface is turmoil and barely disguised rage. I think most people can’t feel the goodness that is with us because we are so used to tuning into what is wrong. I have spent many hours in these past few years doing nothing but tuning into what is most loving about our world. And the truth that I feel underneath the turmoil is that there is a whole lot of love with us right now. Love is asking us to turn our faces toward her grace. And now is the perfect time to do it.  When we look inside our hearts we each have the capacity to feel what is true. We each have the ability to go deeper and to feel what is calling to us. Most of us are feeling the tug and pull of what is ours to do next week. The pressure is building. It is time to cast our vote. It is time to take a stand for what we believe in. It is time to add our voice to the voices of the others who share our dreams for our country and our world. But the truth is, we have already voted. Our vote has long been cast in the ballot box of the universe. The name we check on the ballot on November 8 is not a new name to us, it is actually the end result of our long-held decision to support the ideals that we cherish. We each have a calling, an instinct, a feeling for what we want this world to become. And really, the qualities of goodness that we are drawn to are the ones we have been voting for all along. Love. Compassion. Beauty. Truth. Empathy. Understanding. Service. Freedom. Belonging. For as long as we can remember, we have been voting with the fabric of our lives. We have been choosing with the heart of our commitments. We have been holding our dreams and our most wondrous visions with the core of who we are. We have never stopped moving toward what we believe in. And we won’t stop now. Who we vote for is a personal decision. But what we believe in is the very thread that ties us all together in our hearts as one. And really, what we believe in has more commonality than the world right now would have us think. We believe in our children. And in helping our neighbors. We believe in a good day’s work and a warm house to come home to. We believe in sharing our gifts with others. And we believe in living a life where our most precious yearnings are fulfilled. We believe in what we love. And what we love is as common to us as our heartbeats. We all have the same commitments, to ourselves, to our families, to the world as we would like it to be. It’s only what we see on the outside that tries to tear us apart. What we see on the outside right now is the worst of ourselves. Our fear and our anger. Our despair and our suffering. Our violence and our pain. The world is pointing its fingers at these parts of ourselves like never before. In this tense environment of separation, we are about to decide as a collective what the future holds for us. We are about to change the trajectory of the next four years and beyond. We are about to choose who and what we stand behind. And that is a beautiful thing. Because we are more than what is on the outside. We have something else inside of us. And on the inside we are a world of so much more. And most of us can feel what is on the inside when we stop to look. On the inside we can find the best of ourselves. Our love and our commitment. Our passion and our purpose. Our kindness and our brilliance. What we can imagine for our world in our best selves is only a fraction of what is truly possible. And now is the time for us to use our voices in our vote like we never have before. Because the world is aching to be made whole. And we are the ones to do it. We need to make the choice of who we vote for on election day from the place of imagining from our best selves. We need to stand up for what we believe in. We need to move towards what we know in our hearts is true. We owe that to ourselves and to each other. We owe that to our children and to the whole world. We need to make official what we have long been voting for. We need to choose love.

We can’t be invisible here

It’s gotten so that in the last couple of weeks I can’t make any decisions about my life that keep me from being seen. I just can’t be invisible anymore. I am not talking about Janet Jackson at Super Bowl halftime on-the-stage, millions-of-people being seen. It’s not really about other people at all. It’s this new commitment I seem to have made with my soul. I just can’t do things anymore that pull me away from the biggest expression of who I am meant to be. I need to be able to see myself in everything I do now. Or it’s just not worth it to me, and as I’ve learned, it is also not of any service to anybody else. My life has whittled its way down to its natural rhythm and it feels fabulous. I spend my days doing only what I can do with my own unique voice. I see myself in what I love to do. When I write, I am seen. When I coach, I am seen. And in between writing and coaching I rest and play. And that seems to be all I am capable of. There must be a message here. Follow what you love has been my mantra for years. And now only what I love seems to be able to follow me into this place that I have arrived at. The rest is all distraction. And who cares about that? My second book, A Rooted Body,  is being born into the world now, or at least into my world, and what else is there to do but trust the birth process as it is? So, tonight, I write. And tomorrow, I write. And some days, I coach. And so on as far as I can see. I speak to you of this newfound incapability to be led off-center by anything as an offering for your own biggest expression. It turns our following what you love does something more than we expected. It not only pulls you along on a boat ride to joy, it also clears away the shackles that would bind you. I can’t say for sure where all of this is leading, but man, the ride is delightful. Anybody can be invisible. But the act of being seen is a uncommon act.

You already voted

You are the answer. You might not quite be able to tell yet, and maybe you can’t feel it the way I do, but it’s true. The answer is you. Quite literally, it’s your vote that counts. And we already know what you are voting for. You have been casting your vote all along. Freedom. Love. Abundance. Truth. Compassion. Understanding. Belonging. You have been on this spiritual journey for a long, long time, and you have never stopped moving toward the truth. You take good care of yourself, you keep your mind and your body clear, you are always in sync with the fact that there is much more to this world than the illusions would have us believe. You know that we are not separate, you can feel it when you meditate, or run, or do yoga, or dance. Your practices that keep you well also keep you connected to the pulse of the whole. And the pulse of the whole is singing a song right now that has never been heard on this earth before. We are doing it, what we’ve said we were doing all along, we are raising the consciousness of the world to a new level. We are coming home to the divine that is within us and that is us. We are opening the space we need to live in the fullest expression of who we truly are. Our unique voice is vibrating within us and is coming into harmony with the voice of the cosmos. We are truly becoming that which we are, which is One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Soul. The world has never seen the likes of us before. And there is nothing that can stop us now. All there is to do is to cast our vote into the ballot box of the universe. To take a stand inside ourselves once again for love. And to live our days like we mean it. No matter what the world of fear and illusion appears to be saying right now the choice has already been made within us. We know what we stand for. And our vote matters.  In the next few weeks, our task is to keep our minds and our bodies clear so that we contribute to the powerful forces of love that are steadily transforming the consciousness of the planet. It is hard to say what the world will look like three weeks from now, three months from now, three years from now. All we can do is see what it feels like today. And today I can feel a vastness and a spaciousness that contains everything good and kind that we have ever given to ourselves and to the world. I can feel the support of the source from which we all come, and I know that there is power here. Power to end the times of suffering that no longer serve us. Power to release the world from the collective consciousness of anger and violence and fear. These are monumental times indeed, and it all comes back to you. You brought us here with your grace. Every act of compassion you have ever shared, every ounce of joy you have ever brought, every moment of love you have poured into the rest of us can be felt here. So, let’s not be too hard on ourselves or the world right now as we decide collectively and individually where we cast our vote. Our vote has truly already been cast. Whether we know it or not, the world knows where we are going. And the only place to go is home.

It’s Time to Fly

We have come a long, long way, my friend. And actually, it might not look like it still, but now we have arrived. The temple stands in front of us in all of its familiar glory. We know its shape, and its comforts and we know where we belong inside of it. We have always known. Because we have never forgotten what is ours. So why are we still standing here in the bereft world of illusions with our hands empty and our provisions spent and our dreams hanging from us like deflated sacks? It is because we are the gatekeepers. And we have yet to open the gates. We are the ones that go first into the temples of freedom, and to go first means all of the others will fall in behind us. So we stand firmly beside the temple gates where we know our individual and collective dreams await us in expectant delight inside and we wait. We have come too far to get here to leave anyone behind now. Meanwhile, the world of illusions just keeps getting more and more unruly and unbearable. If we spend any time there now our hearts ache and our souls pinch. We know we are no longer of that world. We have done our work. We have followed the call of the divine inside us with steadfast courage and unshakable tenacity. We know who we are and why we have come here to this time of the new awakening of our planet. We know who we are for the collective and we know who we want to be for ourselves. Our knowing goes beyond feeling now. It goes beyond our instincts and our senses. Our knowing is as rooted in and as essential to who we have become as our breath. We know our souls have wings and we know we are meant to fly. And we know that flying is our birthright, our calling, our very necessary practice that we need to keep us alive. We can’t keep going if we don’t get to fly. Yet our wings are still cramped out here beside the temple gates. We can’t use them in the world of illusions. They need space, and there is no space here. So, what are we to do now? Just stretch. Stretch those wings as far as they can go in these cramped conditions and know that the space they need is right through the next door. Love yourself. Love yourself gently and completely, and give yourself whatever room you can. Look away from the world of illusions whenever it tries to grasp you in its old ways and remember who you are and where you have come to. Remember that you have arrived and that nothing will ever take you away from the place of truth again. You are a soul with wings. You are the one who changes the world with her beautiful, lilting song that echos throughout the cosmos. Your voice is the voice of Freedom. You have come here to sing your song while you soar aloft on those rainbow-feathered wings. And nothing can stop you now.

There’s a new kind of dream

I am ready to lay something down. Something I have been carrying for a while now. Something I have been carrying for myself. And for all of us. I am ready to lay down the unfulfilled dreams of the world. It has been a sacred act to carry those dreams. All of our collective yearnings, our sacrifices, our unmet longings have been woven into the fabric of what we have not yet been able to create for ourselves. We have been pulled along by the mystery, we have been living in the tiniest expression of our true magnificence because that is all that we and the world could hold. The time we have been in has required our strength, our steadfastness, our willingness to hold on tightly to what we could only imagine but never quite see. Our dreams have collected and gathered around us. Our yearnings have pulled us along like kites on a line. But I can feel something different for us now. I can feel spaciousness where there was once fenced in imagination. I can feel the vastness of our collective possibilities expanding into the great everything that has always held  us in its embrace. The embrace has grown loose, and joyful, and it is beckoning us to move beyond our old boundaries and into the monumental truth of who we are. Our unmet dreams have written a new poem in the canvas of the sky. They are not what they once were, nor are we. The old versions of themselves have dissolved and dissipated into the moving landscape of the clouds. But their wild, essential essence has remained the same. It is that wildness, that infinite spark of the brilliance of who we are and who we are meant to become that is calling to us now. It is calling to us fiercely and lovingly, and it will once again require everything of us when we answer its call. What we once thought was ours no longer matters. And what we think might be ours in the future has little to say. What is calling to us is what is ours for eternity. It is what has always been so and will continue to be forever. It is our unspoken dream that astounds us with its beauty. It is the bright light in the night sky that knows us better than we know ourselves. It is the most core, most tender, most vivid part of ourselves that we have been afraid to show the others. It is what causes our heart to keep its steady rhythm. There is a reason our dreams have been unfulfilled so far in the way that we imagined they would be. There is a reason they are now asking us to lay them down in their old shapes, their old forms, their old expressions. It is because what wants to be expressed through us now is too big, too grand, too miraculous to fit into the old version of what we thought we could be. It is time to lay down our limits that we once called dreams. It is time to open to what is here with us now. Because what is here with us now is open to us. It is calling, singing, dancing its way into this world we call home with an expression so beautiful that even the angels are breathless with awe. So let’s lay down our unfulfilled dreams together. Let’s move beyond even our biggest hopes for ourselves. Let’s join the mystery once again in this new place that it is offering us. Let’s see anew the world we are here to create.

What won’t let go

I was willing to give it all up. This. You. The steady beating of my heart that calls me Home. Not forever. Not permanently. Just for a while. Just until I could take care of some of the more mundane responsibilities of my life. People rise up to support that type of thing when you offer it up to the world; following your dreams sounds great they say, but don’t go too far in that direction, you must be practical, don’t put too much stock in dreams. There are bills to be paid, compromises to be made, there is only so much a dream can handle. There is only so far that stardust and rainbows can take you. So, I tried to leave my most sacred yearnings in a flower pot by the front door where they would be safe until I could come back to them. I was fine with it. Yes, I have a calling. Yes, the calling keeps getting stronger and stronger until I feel it enveloping me moment by moment like a jar full of freshly churned butter. Yes, I am awake and aware to the size of what I am really here to do. But still, I was willing to let it all go. Because I felt like I had to. Because nothing seemed to be working with any predictability in the bottom line of my life. And it’s still not. Not where it can be seen, anyway. And yet, guess what? The thing I was willing to let go of wouldn’t let go of me. The paths I pursued to go away from Home didn’t end up taking me anywhere. Except back here. Writing into the night. To you. It turns out that stardust and rainbows are just about the only thing I can count on still being here. It seems that the stuff of dreams that makes me sob with recognition is the only thing that I can predict. It’s the stuff I am made of, after all. It wouldn’t let me forget. Not even when I tried to do what the world likes to say is the right thing. So here I stand in the same place I’ve been standing for quite a while, in the doorway of freedom. I am so glad you’re still here with me. I don’t know what the universe has in store for us. I can’t say where the next place we go will be. But I can feel your heartbeat inside my own. I can feel every dream, every sacred yearning of our dear tribe pulsing in me like the music of the spheres. I can feel where we have been, and I can feel that nothing will take us away from where we are meant to go. I can feel freedom singing in my ear. Let’s just see where her song takes us.

What we are capable of

It is time to acknowledge what we are capable of. Each one of us. And all of us as a whole. The trees and the elephants and the whales and the ancestors are speaking to us in a way they never have before. Our hearts are calling us to look inside and discover the truth of what we love and why we are here to love at all. We have been living in the world in a way that has depleted our resources. Our personal resources to keep doing what doesn’t bring us joy are being wiped out. It is becoming intolerable to bear the weight of all that is wrong in the world and in our lives. And the same is true with the resources of nature. We have used our planet so hard and so unkindly that the old-growth trees and the herds of elephants and the whales in the sea are almost nearly all gone.  The ancient resources from the time of our ancestors have given us all they can. We have depleted the system that has been sustaining us. We have always created the world with the animals and the plants and the rocks and the ones who came before. We have always created the world with the people that stand beside us. But we have created it the way we have lived our lives for thousands of years. In sacrifice and in suffering. The old system of our world that we have been living in takes away, consumes, depletes. It destroys that which we love. The resources of the old system can give us nothing else. We have used up all of what was available to us. We can see this and feel this in the sadness and pain that is so apparent in the world. But it’s also true that we can feel something else if we know how to look for it. The truth is that there is a new system. And we have all been creating it together. The new system is based on joy. Every single step that we have followed towards joy has created the new system. Every whispered prayer, every ounce of love, every choice for beauty and belonging has been accumulating, growing, adding to the wholeness of the world. The world has plans for us. Big plans. There is a new consciousness that is being born in every heart, every mountain, every waterfall, every soul upon the earth. There is a new system that offers sustenance and beauty and gives back instead of taking away. This new system is intact, and it surrounds the old system in a huge body of light. In this new system we all do what we love. We participate in the world in a way that brings joy to everyone and everything. We honor the beauty of life and hold our own bright purpose as sacred. We become partners with all of creation instead of using it and throwing it away. This awakening consciousness is calling us home. We are capable of being inside this new system of the world right now. Feel the pulse of it. It is right here with us. You know when you are contributing to it. And you know when you are pushing it away. Its language is based in joy. You can feel it in your cells, in the thrum of your veins, in the clarity of your mind when you choose to listen to it. It is in the magic, in the synchronicities, in the times when you know you have to say yes. It is in the peaceful ocean of your love. It is in you. The most beautiful, most alive, most powerful, most creative version of you. Your heart is beating right now so that you can experience it. You are in this body, this life, this world, to contribute your part in it. As we all are. We are surrounded in light. And we surround the others. The new world is birthing itself through our magnificence. Creating a world that we know is ours to love and be loved by is what we are capable of. And in truth, we are capable of so much more. Let’s acknowledge it together.