Reiki Roots

I am certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. I had taken up to Reiki Level II twenty years ago. But one of the first things I did for my personal healing and my professional development in early 2019 after just getting out of nine months in the psychiatric hospital was get certified in all the Reiki I possibly could. And I went to a lot of Reiki shares in my community. I trained with four teachers over the course of my learning. So by fall 2019 I was certified in two kinds of Reiki. But that’s not the truth of who I really am. Who I really am is an Advanced Level Rootsong Reiki Master of the Life Roots Healing System. And that has been a twenty year project of mind, body, heart, soul, roots and essence. It is my own healing system. And it is centered around the sight, but that is not all it is. I am working on a workbook that I call A Book of Doing called A Rooted Wellness. That workbook will be a lot of things, including a guide to being a reiki master. It will be a comprehensive learning program about all things related to body, mind, heart, soul, roots and essence. It will bridge all of my works to bring a wealth of knowledge to its practitioners inside the Life Roots Healing System.