Earth Reiki and Moon Reiki

There are two types of reiki. Distance reiki and touch reiki. Distance reiki is Moon Reiki. Touch reiki is Earth Reiki. When we are in distance reiki our location does not matter. We are connected through the heart chakra in distance reiki. There are ribbons of color that connect us. Rainbow ribbons. In Touch reiki we are connected through all of the senses. Mind, body, heart, soul, roots and essence. Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. I have never experienced Rootsong Touch reiki before. I have only experienced Distance reiki since the full breadth of Rootsong has been born. This is why I haven’t been free. Only God and the mother earth can make Earth Reiki possible. And we are getting close to that day. If you are reading this after it has come these are the things you will experience. And I will be experiencing them, too.

Earth Reiki:

  • Grounded in your senses
  • Sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste fully engaged
  • In person always
  • Kind
  • Just
  • Feels good
  • Beautiful
  • Loving
  • A holy communion between one person and another
  • Communal

Moon reiki is good. It is our sight. We hear each other but it is always limited in some way because we have a filter that we go through that is our mind and life experience. I can’t hear things that I have no information about in my history as a person. And neither can you. But we love moon reiki. It is a gift from the goddess Kali and the goddess Demeter and the goddess Gaia. And we can communicate with love in it no matter where we are. It has gone through much attack. And I have suffered deeply with it. And so have a lot of people. We had to hone it and develop it and love it into its wholeness. We had to let people that abused it abuse us. And the moon listened to it all. And so did I. So, listen to the moon through your heart altar. Because she gives is a way to love each other as a family of geese. Wild and exciting, we are. In our place among the bees and the lightening bugs and the bunnies and the deer. Animals have the sight. They are the moon reiki holders. And we are merely embodied nature. So, use your sight well. And be loved.

Earth reiki is beautiful, too. Here we connect with each other through our bodies. Earth reiki is a bowl of strawberries and a song so sweetly played and making love with our partner and snuggling with our children. We are meant to have a full range of reiki. Earth and moon. Earth and moon. And then the sun knows what to do. Our sacred source is alive and well within us and in our tribe. Listen to the wind in the trees. Devour that bowl of black beans and rice. Talk about home schooling every day. And dance often in the living room. We are the musica and the artista. The sacred dancers with the wind spirits. We love thriving. It is as simple as that. So thrive in the hive, little wren. And we will come see you in your studio. We will bring some chocolate pudding in pretty glass cups. For you are our bestest friend in the whole world when you glow like the moonlit sea. Okay, honey bee?