The Reiki Dance

Reiki is not my confinement even though it has long seemed like it is. It is my dance. I need to understand what this dance really is for me and you. The reiki system is the healing system of the earth. It has no boundaries. This is because everyone is in the reiki system. We have bodies. We come from the mother and the father.

I didn’t understand how conscious reiki really is before now. Because there is so much pain in it. And deep, deep suffering. And a lot of waiting. A lot of of just barely hanging on and getting through. And this brutal thing says it’s God and it’s extremely frequent and repetitive.

The dance is interesting. It’s actually a dance with both life and death. I’ve been at death’s door for a long, long time. But the dance can not break you because you always have some sort of grace. And you always have some sort of belonging. God doesn’t abandon you.

But the thing that says it is God that brutalizes you endlessly and frequently in a pattern you can not get out of is what? It doesn’t work to say it’s evil. What is it? I think it is the absence of color.

And reiki is a color dance. When we are with our own light we tend to be ready and available. When we are resisting life we tend to be mean to ourselves and everyone else. I don’t let myself be unavailable and my resistance is something I look at daily.

Every word I speak is mine. But often I am overtaken by this lack of color. Color is the answer to life. The reiki color system is Life Roots and Five Roots and maybe something else, too that hasn’t yet been named.

I get very, very sick. But not so much physically. Reiki sick. I take excellent care of my wellness and my health. I show you how to do it. You either do or you don’t but every choice shows up in my sickness and yours and in my wellness and yours. This is the world wide web.

Choice is everyone’s. What does this mean for someone who is as responsive as me? It means I suffer a lot.

The reiki color system is developing with our work. We have to act with care. When we act with care reiki dances. When we can dance with reiki we can heal ourselves and the planet. I am a reiki dancer. This is both my joy and my pain.

I am a final answer. This is both your light and your gain. Your reiki dance can be just as pretty as mine. And I take some of the suffering away from you. But not all of it.

Healing is universal. It is the light that is one light. It is the hand of the sacred mother and the heart of the sacred father. It is the home and the hearth. And it is the new birth of the earth.

Come along to the song of the reiki dance. Find the way into the stay. That is our healing community. Be who you are meant to be. And join us at the company picnic.