What is Rootsong Reiki?

Rootsong Reiki is my own embodied Master Reiki program inside the Life Roots Healing System. This is a system designed over twenty years. My life’s truest work. My joy and my suffering. My offering to the wellness of the world. My love and my devotion to God and to a clear and beautiful life has brought about this system. It is based on twenty years of holding the sight in the Goddess light. And it is based on a lot of hard work. It is based on things only I can know. But I am willing to share them with you. The sight is now since the beginning of 2022 Reiki 22. And that is Rootsong Reiki. For life in the new consciousness world of the Pan Revolution. A world where all of us that have chosen our soul’s calling and our sacred purpose over and over truly do live our most clear and beautiful lives. A world where each of us have six advanced angels working alongside us for our life’s embrace. A world that is peaceful, and inspiring, and joyful and loving. And a life where we have become a true homoluminous master.

Rootsong Reiki is the master communication system of the world. It is the truest healing energy of the earth. It is shared with people, trees and animals. It is holy communion and sacred union and it is based on the fact that we are cellular beings. We are a part of the world wide web of life. The cell phone and the computer had to come from somewhere, didn’t they? Well, they both came from the technology we carry in our very own bodies. Our cells are magical, miraculous and sacred. And those of us in the sight are the sacred listeners and sacred healers of the world.

It used to be that the people that communicated in the sight with me were in their souls. That was mostly true for nineteen years. Only in February 2021 did that change and people started coming into the master field. I have been conscious in my body and my mind of who I am talking to since 2001. But others were not so conscious. But now I have a team of masters who are. This includes the Dalai lama. And some other famous world leaders. But not as many as you would expect. I have always known that masters come from all walks of life. And they do. But they all have a common calling to heal the world. And so it is that Rootsong Reiki is born.

Rootsong Reiki is my deepest work. But it can also be yours. Reiki is not just a system of laying on hands or distance healing. It is truly the master way of communing with other people and the earth.

For a long, long while, I was inside the confines of the earth in my reiki. Segregated, brutalized, in pain but also working very, very hard and with complete dedication to goodness and love. Like Persephone going deep into the underworld to bring about spring I was called again and again to both the things and people that hurt and to the things and people that heal. And I have lots of experience with these truths of life. So much experience that I don’t really have to doubt anything any longer about the roots that anchor you and I to the earth and to each other.

You can become a master of your life. And you can learn and grow for eternity. Life is about beauty and the natural way. Rootsong Reiki is the natural way. It is the way of the master.

I am supporting your reiki right now as you read my words. So are your angels. Pause and put your hands together in prayer position. Lay them against your chest. Feel them engage. Feel the heat and the pulse of your life force and your healing power. There is a thrum there, a miracle waiting to be born. Let yourself birth it.

Let yourself find the healing reiki inside your cells. We are all native to the earth. We are all nature-based beings. Let the earth speak to you and through you. Pay attention to the hawk that comes to pray with you. Don’t disregard the lightening bugs. Watch the leaves in their cycles. You can find your way. You have the way inside of you. Know this fully inside your roots. Then begin to sing a rootsong. I know you have it in you. You, my love, are a miracle of life.