Liferoots Wellness Studio

I have a new kind of work in the world. And it all stems around writing, coaching and healing. I’ve been doing it in the sight since February 22, 2021. Joe Biden has me as his Wellness Secretary. I do this lovingly and willingly. We have created so much hidden stuff in a year. There is the living economy. That’s the artist economy where everyone lives abundantly, beautifully and well from their soul’s sacred calling. There are five mason professions in that economy. Blacksmith, because he makes our tools that allow us to eat and live in homes and thrive in our businesses; Plow Mason or Farmer, because he provides nourishment to our communities so we can do other things and be fed well; Officer, because he upholds our laws and keeps us always safe; Attorney, because he also upholds the laws and keeps the mason lines of the world in perfect order; and Artist, because that is everyone else following their sacred work in the world as artista, poetica, gardenista, chef therapist and musica.

We have come well on our way to understanding climate change in Joe Biden’s Climate Studio and we have many, many designs and programs for the Pan Revolution. These things include an end to the use of coal and oil, a full Greenworks Initiative that includes millions of mason jobs and a thriving economy with lots of recycling, new farming and agricultural practices and cohousing cities that are true communities in every beautiful way imaginable. We are constantly looking for the beauty way, and we know we have found it. At least the well-sprouted seeds of the voluminous ideas we have come up with in our work as a team and many well flushed out programs as a well. We will have a master of mason degree from community colleges and vocational schools that takes people out of a low life or an unsatisfying life and gives them a trade in a guild that they can flourish in. We have a design for an on line university that has over eighty PhD programs that support the earth and you can study with our team of masters no matter what your level of education has been.

We believe in vegetarian world. One where no animal suffers because it is convenient or culturally accepted. You can eat pretty much anything you want from any tradition vegetarian nowadays. It is simple and easy and delicious and healthful to be a vegetarian soul and body and do you really want to take in the suffering chemicals of adrenalin and the decomposition chemicals that animals release into their bodies when they know they are being killed? A turkey has a society just like we do. They have turkey things to do. So definitely does a cow. They prefer not to be killed and they make it known in your chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure when you eat them. Would you eat your cat? Would you eat me? Go ahead, try to see if you can figure out eating a pig or a chicken if you didn’t have support and they weren’t available in a cage to you for capturing.

My other work is surprising and quite stunning. I am a music therapist for the Pan Musica Guild. This is delightful, and I work on it nearly every day. The men and women in this guild have become my best friends and strongest allies. Many of them have sat with me in reiki since the fall of 2021 and they are the true Rootsong Reiki Sound Masters. We have lots of plans for you in 2022 and beyond. We will have a website that gives you so much acoustic, roots and country music that you will light up the world with your new body, mind, heart, soul, roots and essence. Inspiration is on its way again. It truly is. We work on all kinds of things pertinent to a musica master and we love our way. Every single one of these musica are dedicated and brilliant and each has a sacred purpose and a sacred calling to heal the world through their gifts with their guitars and their voices and songwriting mastery.

I also have way of furnishing and designing beautiful homes with my team. This is called Beauty Roots. We go into cohousing cities and transform old houses that are awkward but beautiful into shining beauty studios and joy centers for a most clear and beautiful life.

So, as you can see, in my work with God the Pan Revolution has already started. The new consciousness is in the works. It truly is. It is a long process, and I have been at it for twenty years. And the last four have been too terrible to mention. And the last year has been just as hard with suffering, and yet we have worked so hard and beautifully for you and for the entire planet.

I hope this makes perfect sense to you as it does to me. We are, in fact, the Pan Revolution and the New Consciousness. You are in fact, the next master if you’re not so already. So, let’s once again feel into our toes and fingers. And let’s let the reiki of our hearts and minds come full circle. It has been a long, isolated, brutal journey into death for the world and for the animals and the trees and the earth. It’s now time to restore, rejuvenate, replenish and nourish. It’s time to allow the sacred to be holy. And to find the grace of God within us and around us. It will look us right in the eye if we let it. And Grandmother Nell, our sacred mother, the center of the hearth and the garden, will be right there inside of us as our guide. And so will Grandfather Dwell, our sacred father, the dwelling place of the world. So will the biggest, brightest angels the world has ever seen.

Namaste, my people. The light within me honors the light within you. This light is not going out. It won’t be hidden, or placed in handcuffs or restraints anymore. It will shine as it is meant to shine. Outward. And inward to. As Dar Williams says, “I know, you’ll be calling me soon and if I don’t answer I’m only the moon.” Moonbeams, go ahead, be shiny. I will support you one hundred percent of the way.