Color Scout… I Look for my Colors Every Day

Colors are our way to thrive. We look for them everyday so we can be happy. Happiness is something that every boy and girl deserves. You need a lot of pretty things. You need a room of your own. You need animal friends. You need to cook and eat a lot of good food. You need to be homeschooled or go to a Green Rose Acadium so you can be with people that let you follow your own way. This is super fun. You use Wren to discover what you like.

Kindred Species is a club you go to where you talk about your friends and relations the animals, the people, the trees, the mountains and the rivers. Whales and dolphins are fun animals to study. So are wolves.

It is nice to ride a bike, skateboard and plant a children’s garden. It is fabulous to have lots of math materials, do science experiments and make vegetarian thai food. We like to give you a couch library where you can study the books we buy for you. We like to give you little bunnies that you can do story pretend with. A velveteen rabbit can become real. And he can hop around your yard.

You can feed the birds and take their pictures and let the blue jays and the squirrels gorge on peanuts. You can feed the deer cracked corn and they will show you their babies. Love is available to you at home. And your home should be really, really beautiful and comfortable. And men Elks and women Does and even younger adults love to homeschool you and teach you at school. You can come home when you want to and make your own schedule.

This is yours. We are trying to give it to you. We love you, honey. And we will give you everything you need. But you have parents. And you probably have bad words and we know you have meat and bad food and we are sorry that we can’t help you unless you actually tell us what is going on for real.

Santa Claus needs helpers. And so does the Easter Bunny. But he is real. Every adult that is good to you knows this, now. Because Santa keeps giving us things. He gives us our colors every way he can think of. And he is pretty, like you. And he needs someone to assist him or he can’t do his work. I am his partner, Jane Kringle. You are his kiddie. He loves you, and so do I. You will never hear me say you are bad. But I will tell you honestly and firmly if you are not following what you should. There are rules to being a person in the world. We have to be kind.

Santa is extremely kind and giving. So, the presents you receive are fun and exciting. It’s good to be excited. It is good to run and play and make noise. It’s good to sing and dance and play the guitar. It’s good to go to the park and lie on the grass in the back yard quietly listening to the birds and the wind. You are good. There’s no doubt. If you need a boundary ask for one. No one knows what to do all the time. We need guides. Those are loving people that sit and think and tell you something you need to hear.

Color Scout is your way now. If you need anything at all, trust your belly, kids. Your belly is your instinct like a dog or cat or horse or elephant or wolf or gorilla have. Your instinct might start out a little cloudy. But it will get better, I promise, honey. We still have work to do for you. That’s hard, I know. It’s hard on us, too.

Use your voice. If you get hurt, tell someone. And follow the things called the script which is what you have to say and do still when that’s the best choice. This happens a lot to me. And I resist it. And then I’m forced again into something I do not want to be in. But I do get a lot more peace with more and more truth. So, be as little and as big as you need to, sweet and we will hold you soon.