Dance your Colors- Scout it in

It’s important to your wellness to feel good in your body. Your belly knows what to do. That is your instinct. An instinct is something that every living being has whether you are an animal, a tree or a person. When no one interferes with you and when you can trust your belly sense you have a lot of inner wisdom.

To be well is to be happy. To know joy is to be a girl or a boy. Even adults like to be a girl or a boy. Because we like to scout our colors, too. And often we have been stopped from it like you.

We are in a club. The club is the hard knocks club. We have been knocked down. And Covid has paralyzed us. We have been separated as a tribe. And everyone good in the world knows this. And we are trying something new with you, our little ones. We love you. You are our hearts and souls. We want you to be very well. We want to be very well, too.

Hard knocks hurt. Your body will show you this. And so will your colors and your feelings. You might be really mad. Or really sad. We know.

I want you to dance your colors every day in every way, starting now. But how does a little person do this if someone says bad words or he can’t get what he needs? Circumstance controls our happiness in a lot of ways, kids.

I wish I could be your Santa all by myself. But I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t even be my own Santa. Do you understand the world? I do and I don’t. I understand that we are the web of life. That is right there in your belly and mine. Web means together.

Let’s keep going every day until the way is ours forever. Forever is a long time. And you are young. And you have suffered. The whole world has. It’s been Covid for all of us, including our friends, the animals and the trees.

Have a little color dance every chance you can. Go outside and look at the trees and the sky and the birds and the bees. Put on a little music and sing a little. Try to convince someone to feed you a color. Be kind of sweet and nice. And see if someone that usually hurts wants suddenly to help because his or her heart is touched. Touch the sky with your own heart. Reach your hands into the honey pot like Pooh Bear does. And taste something sweet, my love. Sweet is you. Don’t be blue. Be pink.