Color Scouts in the Village- Scout it Tribe

Some of our kids want to live with their parents and some of them don’t. Our concept is homeschooling and the Green Rose Acadium Resource College in a beautiful public or private school.

Children want to live in a fun neighborhood. We have a way to do this. Children can live in an a.m. Nell, a Tea Thyme Village, with the person or family of their choice. This can either be their homeschooler teacher or their adoptive parents. They can also choose to have new brothers and sisters of all ages. Family is fluid now. We are soul families. Let’s find who we deeply belong to.

Teachers work with kids on their schedules and their studies. We work in units. This means we study a theme for a few months. We like to play outside. We like to look for turtles. We like to make pad thai and corn cakes. The sky is the limit on our creativity.

We have our homes for our Carrot Tots and our Morning Friends with our playrooms. Kids up to seven can enjoy lots of play and all kinds of unit studies at home. We have books, dolls, trains, cars, trucks, stuffed animals, puppets, blocks, children’s kitchens, calico critters, strawberry shortcake dollies and little tables and chairs and tons of art and krafting supplies. Good food abounds and we get excited about making new recipes.

We have our Green Rose Acadiums for our children aged 7 and up. These are in school settings. For both our Green Rose Acadiums and homeschooling studios we have all of our books on science experiments and children’s gardening and homes and cottagecore and art and making models and krafts and history and all of our young adult books and our chapter books. We have our math materials. We have all of our games and our card games. These are rich centers of learning and joy. We have our gardens in the yards and our tools for our auto and machine mechanics and our carpentry in the sheds. We feed the birds and we have a place for our bikes. This is our thrive for schooling and our teachers love to belong to these places of beauty and thrive.

Field trips, adventures on bikes, going to the park or the science museum and reading books in bed are all wonderful ways to learn and grow. Let’s embrace our faerie friends, invoke our angels, talk to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and have an all around good time, boys and girls. We want you to be safe and we want you to thrive. Come alive little wren, tell us what you need. We will be sure to give it to you.

For our adults who want to start at the high school level or below we have our Wren Centers that are our Community Colleges in the a.m. Nell. These have most of the same materials that the Green Rose Acadiums have, we just adjust to an older population. These are truly like our Resiliency Lodges and our Mason Lodges, because we find that the people that have been most deprived of their undeniable right to learn and grow are some of our best masons when given the chance to thrive because they take life so seriously as luminary learners. Illumination is the key word with these colleges. We still use the subjects in Wren as the backdrop, but it is a more fluid design based on life activities and hands on learning and less about thinking and contemplating the moon and the stars in our heads.

For our adults who have a lot of functional life skills but don’t feel they have the basics of education who want to teach we need mixed centers. In these Wren Centers, which are called Wren Lounges, we would have meeting areas and a kitchen and an office and sitting areas like a coffee house where people of all ages that want schooling opportunities that are hands on learning can come for the subjects that these teacher/students are designing and offering.

All houses in neighborhoods that we occupy have yards. These are our Wren Gardens. We have beautiful flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits and birds in these a.m. Nells. We love to take care of the earth and it is so necessary to create a landscape full of good companions. So, we really need to work as a community on permaculture. This goes with cohousing in a perfect match. Gardenistas are greenistas. We are all green. Some people are just more physical than others. And this is okay. We are at different stages of life and thrive. Our abilities change as we learn and get excited and inspired. We are getting restored to what we’ve always known and wanted and we are getting taken into new adventures. We have the power and the opportunity to live among the daisies. This is a miracle in the making.

We absolutely love to give everyone what they need. Seed, seed, seed. You little pine tree. A sapling, not at all. A giant redwood for us. That’s you, gorgeous blue.