Paint your Colors- Scout it Pretty

You are a beautiful artist and musician and dancer. You are essential to the tribe. We need your colors. I had two cousins Stephen and Scott when I was little whose mother never bought them art supplies of any kind and no toys, really. I always had a way to color. I thought that was really hurtful, like a lot of things at school were and it made me an activist.

When I was old enough to understand meat I was a vegetarian right away. And since then I always have been and so are my children. I have something to tell you about your art and it’s pretty big. Your art is the economy. That means it is what makes the world work for money. This is true already. And if you think about bad people who have done bad things to us for a very long time you know they still have our economy. They have all the money tied up in Covid. Covid didn’t come by accident. It came on purpose.

When you are a kid you are told what to do. When you are an adult this is still true. The way we are caged like animals in the zoo is what we are trying to change for you right now, loves. Animals need places to run, and play and drink clear fresh water and eat lots of plants. Animals need their animal kin. Their relatives. Their friends.

We are expected to do poorly. We are told that we are wrong. Only some people are pretty enough to be artists or good at sports or musicians. Or straight A students. But we want to take that away completely. We want you to use your brilliance. We want you to be the next generation of leaders. And the world doesn’t encourage this in you because it tells you you are a failure. And lots of times it gives you medicine. Ritalin.

Your colors are your art. So, I would encourage you to write, draw, sing, dance, play, eat and thrive. I would encourage you to find a way to engage in pretty things. And this means you have to make some decisions to let some things that hurt you go. And this can be hard. But just know we love your colors, Scout. And we believe in your art. And in thirty years you will be in charge, not us.

We don’t know what you will do, lovey. But we are glad for you. You are the life and the heart the world needs. You are the art and the music and the good book. So, be as creative as you want to and study your colors daily. Your brilliance knows no bounds. For you are not an animal in a cage. You are a bird on the wings of flight. Land on our branches Color Scout, we will rise to meet you.