Work your Colors- Scout it Alive

A note to kids about therapy and coaching:

It is available to you to have seventeen different types of healing practitioners. These healers help you with all your issues. You can see them at school. You just have to make sure your responsibilities are met and your work is done. If you are a homeschooler you can still go to a school to see these practitioners. If most kids decide to homeschool the schools can be used as enrichment centers where the healing practitioners meet with you and you can have offices, Wren studios, art studios, couch libraries, auditoriums for meetings, mayor tea houses and anything you can dream up.

The different types of practitioners are:

Rootsong Music Therapist- a musician that helps you with music

Rootsong Art Therapist- an artist that teaches art skills and helps with art supplies and leads you in fun activities, makes art for school and homes, invites you to his or her studio, provides art assistance at home as well as at school

Heartsong Writing Therapist- a writer that helps with writing skills, introduces literature, has book groups, reads to you, tells you stories, helps with clubs and gives fun exercises

Heartsong Drama Therapist- a person that helps design and write plays and works with you on costumes and acts in plays with you, helps with production

Heartsong Set Designer- a carpenter that helps you design sets for plays and helps with props and also with costuming, helps with production

Economy Coach- helps with financial success and abundance and how to make a little money and have a little Cottage Core business like Read your Colors, helps with Read your Colors program. Helps with krafting at your Root Studio and Mountain Studio for girls and boys and members of the community, makes sure you get where you need to go for krafting.

Housing Steward/Maintenance Steward- gives assistance with your room and the things you want in it. At the school he helps you with furnishings and beauty, does maintenance and is the one that you ask about offices and sitting rooms and studios.

Community Steward- a jack of all trades that likes to help you with your garden, rides, trips to the grocery store, takes you to the park, fixes your bike and teaches you how to ride it, does cooking lessons and helps you clean your room. At school he plays with you on the playground, helps you with snacks, helps you set up your offices, helps you clean and gets you food supplies and office supplies. Takes you on field trips. Helps with festivals, plays, performances, swaps where you bring in beautiful things you no longer want and holidays.

Eat your Colors Nutrition Coach- a person that cooks with you and helps you find your colors. Your Color Scout. Works with you for Kindred Species. Gives you grocery shopping suggestions, gets on a photo app with you to share photos of Table Altar which is a cooking and table bonanza of bounty and joy, will take you to the grocery store, shows you storeroom supplies on amazon, updates you on recipes, talks to you about our tribal holiday traditions and meals, helps with beauty items for the table, will bring you flowers, helps you with cooking necessities such as pots and pans and utensils.

Libations Specialist- your guide to everything you like to drink, buys drinks for school, has barista bar and mocktail bar, offers you a cold drink or a hot one, teaches you recipes and provides assistance with drinks for your home and school celebrations and meals

Wellness Coach- the person you ask about anything you need to talk about. Works on your wellness goals with you. Helps you write your Owl and your Wrens, helps you see who you want to heal with in the Wellness Collective, helps you keep your calendars and your journals, helps you with your jewel teams and helps you with your jobs

Education Coach- works with you to create your programs of study and suggests units to you, assigns you roles in the school and helps you get set up with your jewel teams, works with student mayors, helps with offices and studios, helps you with your educational materials, helps you with graduation and next steps, helps younger kids with starting school and gets you set up for joining the school community. Hosts potlucks and open houses to get students and parents and community members knowing each other.

Kitchen Herb Apothecary Pharmacist- the person who knows about candy, little gifts, journals and fun things like soda and milkshakes, helps with general health, likes to be an elder, likes to offer suggestions for your thrive, understands a lot about herbs and plants and works as a grandpa or grandma, a wise woman elder or a wise man elder, acts as Santa’s helper

Five Roots Healing Practitioners- healers that take care of the things that come up in your body, give healing sessions, work on wellness, talk you through body issues and do a little gentle touch on the heart when things get hard for you so you can process

Color Principal- the person in charge of your school that you can go to for any advocacy issues with teachers or students or your parents. Not necessarily the traditional principal but can be. Oversees the school building and helps with drop off and pick up, helps with a lot of miscellaneous needs, makes sure everything runs smoothly

Color Guard– an officer that is a Boost educator and practitioner that is available to each student. One for every classroom. Serves, protects and sits around to educate. A real security guard and scout for the tribe and the building and the land and the horses. Protects the herd.

Student Mayor- a student activist that takes a leadership role in your school that runs meetings and that you can go to for your advocacy needs. He or she is your student rights advocate. Holds the school for the kids and wellness practitioners by understanding how everything works best, addresses every issue with the team that comes up. Works like a principal and is a well rounded resource person.

The way you use them is up to you. You can make a lot of changes in your life with support. Don’t be afraid to delve deep into your own life. You can do this. It is not up to you to figure this out on your own. You have a team of people besides your teachers that are ready and willing to help. This is our color code. We sometimes need a loving hand and we are always willing to give it and receive it.  Trust in something bigger and more magical than what you have come from. This is your Color Way.