Tea Thyme Villages in Our Neighborhoods (Our Am Nells)

We are designing cohousing villages all over the world that are multi-cultural and can take care of our most vulnerable citizens. Cohousing means we live in community. Our community members include people formerly called Down’s or autistic or intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled or mentally ill or addicted or dually diagnosed or homeless or non-citizens and elders. It also includes our babies, our Carrot Tots under three years old, our Morning Friends who are preschoolers, all of our kids and our pregnant women. These are called our Wrens. And the people that have had the opportunity to live more normal lives or are older or are non-pregnant women are called our Wren Hawks. Wrens can be independent in their own houses as long as they have Wren Hawks to support them as long as they need it in their neighborhood which is called a Tea Thyme Village. They can order groceries through a grocery store on-line to be delivered. This delivery service will be free and will be called Food Apples. Our littles Wrens, our Carrot Tots should not be out in cars until they are three. Fathers can drive and some mothers can, but some women even in pregnancy shouldn’t be in cars, especially if they have a deep history of religion, reiki or addiction.

Pregnant women should base where they live on where their midwife is. Women are turning up pregnant with twins. These are the River, Leaf and Rain souls and they are the Dalai lama’s babies. If your belly is low, big and has a shelf and you have a three day cycle you probably are carrying twins if you sense that you are. Look in the mirror. Your clothes still fit, but the mirror is not that pleasant to a woman in your condition and neither is the scale. These twins can take anywhere from a year to six years to be born. You might have lost them before, but your belly is firm and you may or may not feel movement, depending on how far along you are. We are finding that these babies are choosing parents that aren’t necessarily a couple, just a man and woman that are loves together and make a good team and love kids and want to have children.

We need to fully establish our neighborhoods so everyone can thrive in community. We need Wren Centers and a house that is an office for making copies and doing work with a kitchen full of business groceries for breakfast and lunch. We need to have Resiliency Houses where Twelve Steps and Wren and Clutter Box are offered daily. We need a church or a big manor house that has been made into a sanctuary for keynote lectures, musical productions, plays, soup kitchens and workshops in our neighborhoods as well that operate daily like Wren does for our PhD studies. We need a Tea House in our neighborhoods for going out for coffee. A barista bar. And we can be the baristas. Keynote lectures, musical performances and plays are at 10am in the Sanctuary. Soup Kitchen is at 11:30am. Workshops are at 12:30pm. Tea Thyme is all over the neighborhood at 2pm in the Tea Thyme Village. Musica, which is playing and listening to music in a house concert format is on Sundays at 3:30pm followed by group meal in our homes.

We can each have as many homes as we need as studios for art and music, offices and additional space to grow a family in. In our art studios we have our art tables and our architecture tables and all of our art supplies. In our music studios we can leave our instruments and have our chairs set up for our acoustic jams and studies. Our Sanctuaries can also have additional buildings for offices and conference rooms nearby in the neighborhood like our homes do. Old community schools and private schools in neighborhoods can be set up as art centers for our studios and art openings, called Sanctuary for the large centers or something else for the smaller schools that represents for the artist in charge what happens there. One of ours is called Center, because the artist coach Rachel wants to center adults and children with art. She is right up the street from Sanctuary, which is an old school that was repurposed as an art gallery with studio space for artists. Rachel is someone formerly labelled as ID and was in a wheelchair. Not to disparage or relabel Rachel, but I thought she’d want you to know. Well, you know, the way we like to stick together. Racism dies with us, right?

Houses and buildings are either beautiful and supporting or not. It is easy to tell if something is of quality. Houses are conscious because they are made of trees. When you decide on your house and your neighborhood decide based on love and safety and belonging. You belong to a certain place and a certain group of people. This is not hard to figure out if you are paying attention. Find your place in the tribe. We need to move along here with our lives and our work and our children and our elders. There is no reason for you to hold back, and we have a schedule, so if you are still not ready you don’t have this as your world and we are no longer your tribe. This is about choice and responsibility, and we all have to do our part.

These Wren centers and Sanctuaries are not legal places of business because money is not being exchanged. We are family members in our tribe and we care as volunteers for our other family members. Businesses are places where we use our purchasing power to decide what we keep and what we let go of in the living economy. No business can last if we don’t support it with our money and no products will be sold or made that we don’t choose to buy. There is a way to completely operate an economy by using our funding to source it. And when we source beauty we become the way.

Each Wren Center and Sanctuary needs to have a secretary steward and an officer at the entrance to be our staff that guards and protects us. Especially the centers in known locations. We will have harassers for a while, we think. And we need a secretary steward that likes to manage details to hold us. And we need an officer to do the same. An officer is not the same as a security guard that is a sitter, he is a man that knows his community and his tribe and knows how to handle himself and others in a firm and just way.

These Tea Thyme Villages are our a.m. Nells. We want an old-time pharmacist to live among us with a kitchen herb apothecary to serve as our herbalist medical doctor and our neighborhood store. Every village needs one. The pharmacy is call a.m. Nell. We have a little sign. It says open or closed. These men and women are our connection to wellness. A Farm to Table Steward will work with them on food issues. They will host Eat Your Colors, the vegetarian nutrition series. This is where we will study for our Nutritionist degree. Farm to Table Stewards help with recipes, groceries and table altars. A.m. Nell studies also include the gardenistas and the permaculturalists and the florists. They help us in our neighborhoods with our indoor and outdoor plantings. In this way we are establishing a new concept which is a local neighborhood economy. So we will have regular organized swaps of our wares that we try and don’t want right on our front porches. Isn’t this fun? Our houses with front porches are our living abodes and our other houses are our offices, our studios and our Wren centers. But we can have beautiful gardens everywhere.

We want farms right in our cities. We love our Mennonite brethren. We like thriving neighborhood economies, like we said. So we plant and plant and bring in our cows and our horses. We love to visit our farms on field trips right in our cities. There is plenty of room after demolition and before to have our farmers living among us. We have warehouse districts for our loading docks and our large building needs. We can have local delivery of vegetables and dairy products by farmers and people that like to go around town like the old fashioned milk man or the old fashioned ice man. This is a part of the Food Apples program. This includes flower and plant delivery. And bulk vegetarian meats. We like to fill our freezers and our storerooms. For people that can’t cook, our Food Apples team will provide sustenance to their doors. This means that people that love to be vegetarian chefistas and bakers can have thriving businesses preparing meals and pickles and pastries. This is our dream come true. A community of green life.

Our police officers that are our Valor Stewards from the Clean Cousin Factory live among us now in our Tea Thyme Villages. And they are adopting babies and children and older kids. The atrocities that we have discovered from the loss of income for doctors and mental health agencies and non-profits from Covid have made children and others so incredibly vulnerable. Bad supplements and anti-viral vaccine solutions along with painful and violating procedures are rampant among our people. This is eugenics which is Nazi ethic and poverty cleansing and forced sterilization. This has brought the police force to us. Because they are justice men. They like to serve and protect us. So, we need to welcome them with open arms into our neighborhood where they can raise their families, do their work and shine for us.

Wrens can get driving lessons. They can get rides from their coaches or their Wren Hawks or their Paperride service to the things they like to do, like studying carpentry on Fridays. In this way we are truly a tribal village. No one is left out of our love. A lot of people are deciding that they need to be of service if their lives are this rich. Let’s encourage this. If you are a family member of someone that has been considered in the lowest tier of our world society, come along now. Get over the pain of it and move right into your own beautiful house in our Tea Thyme Village. Don’t be a hoverer or superior to others anymore. Be of service alongside them. Have fun. Love abundantly. And follow the beauty way. You have been carrying a big burden and you didn’t know what to do because you were stopped from being complete love by the cruel, brutal system. Your family member is not a burden. They are a shining star in our One World Wellness Tribe. Come along, Hawk Wren. Take care of the trees.