A Man Named Michael

Green men are all Pan Michael. Pan is the god of the forest and Michael is the knight. We love your hands. And we want all of you to be carpenters and farmers and tree stewards. This is the Monocan way. You are our scouts. You survey the earth and protect our village. We, the women, provide for you. And you provide so well for us. Men are the anchors that we need to settle us down into our roots. We love your strong arms and your beautiful long legs. You are the artists and architects of our world. And you bring us everything we need. You are the fathers and the grandfathers. The cousins and the uncles and the brothers. We love you. So don’t have a heart attack and leave us anymore. Open your hearts and your words and and your music and your hands to us. Teach the boys your traditions. And carry the girls in your arms. We are not divided as men and women in our tribe. We are joined as partners. Step into your role as a man. We will always, always, thank you Dear.