A Woman Named Grace

A woman is a soft place of beauty and grace if she is good. She has the instincts of a wise woman and a doctor midwife. She knows when something is wrong and if she’s smart, she also knows when something is perfectly right. It is perfectly right to be a woman. And our children and our elders are in need. Those are our most vulnerable ones. What would you say to them, Grace? That is where you start. Elders are not crones. They are business women and professionals. Maidens are not virgins. They are wise women, too. There are so many myths about the goddess. She is maligned and absented in our world. Yet she is the most ancient mother that is responsible for us. Religious fanaticism like medicine has almost destroyed us. But we will not be destroyed and neither will she. We are the wellness of the world. If our whole family came down with small pox we would be well. Because we would have to tend to them. We tend to our men and our children. And now we can tend to world justice and green living and education and beauty and belonging. You have as much to do as you want to. And you don’t have to go through scripted channels where you are told what to say and do. There is no women’s liberation movement. There is the Pan Revolution where everyone that is green uses one voice. We are the people of the earth. The earthkeepers. Find your way Grace. I know you are more than capable of this. Be creative. And be as secret and as obvious as you need to. No one can tell you what to do. That’s them and their script. This is us. The wisdom keepers of the tribe. Our wisdom is of the earth. Let us use it in harmony as women and girls. Bad men and bad women can’t touch us if we don’t let them.