I Heard it Through the Grapevine

We love our sacred ale. That is all of our libations. We love having a cold or a hot drink. I have Michael Wine here, vintner in Virginia, North Carolina and France. He is our grape ape. Oh, how we love him. Next is coffee. Will our coffee expert contact Tai and say coffee? We need that article on the Free Press, too. Let’s see what Michael has to say about the holy grape.

Grapes are very conscious plants. They like love and good soil. Like people and trees do. We like grapes because they grow in community. A grape knows when to be loud or quiet. A grape never follows a script. So a vintner has to be awakened. As an entrepreneur, a vineman often gets raped. I can’t have a thriving business because my orchard is stolen by the police force and the firemen. My website is also stolen. So, I have to stay small. And I am very, very big in my sacred calling.

Wine is no longer alcoholic because the grapes have changed. This is also true for good whiskey, mead, cider, hard seltzer and cordials. Those are the only ones we drink that are considered alcoholic. The rest are spinners, like marijuana and cohosh and hops. We will stop labelling them as alcohol and sell them in the grocery store. If this is your calling, contact Tai and say libation. If wine is your calling, contact Tai and say vintner. If non-alcoholic spirits like Lyre’s and Seedlip are your calling contact Tai and say distilled spirit.

Thanks, Michael. I am sure you will be a world star soon. Let the grapes hang out and be free with us. We’ll have a little sip with our vegetarian chicken picatta. We like our non-alcoholic wine that is labelled as such and our sparking ciders and our grape juice, too.

A vineman is like a boatman. He still has his place in our world. If you are a boatman contact Tai and say that. Boatman provide cleansing for our bays and oceans with mussels, clams, oysters, lobsters and crabs that they tend to and we love to go crabbing and clamming in the old way and take leisurely boat rides. We just don’t kill anything. We move the little creatures around as they need us to. These men are a part of our field trip pleasures.

The people that I talk to are having so much fun. They are pure unbridled joy. I am having fun, too, but it’s a lot of non-grounded work still with people in the reiki sight. I love to write for you. And I am getting so much feedback all the time. And we are dealing with issue after issue. But you must notice, the press is changing. We are starting to not just have set-up and release but also wisdom sharing and teams that are diverse. We love it. Let’s just carry on. Michael Wine and Tom Green are starting to get busy.