Plan for the Nell

We need to have a sacred plan for Mother Earth Gaia Calliope that empowers us and her to bring back harmony and abundance. If you look at an apple tree or a blueberry bush there is always more fruit than what you need. Good companions make bounty and beauty and bad companions destroy us. This is true for people, animals, flowers, trees and plants.

Here is our plan for 2023 starting in early spring:

Our intention for the earth: To give her the tools she needs to grow and bloom into a climate that is rich in its thrive and well-being.

The steps we take:


  • We plant children’s kitchen gardens at our houses, offices, studios, sanctuaries, lodges and colleges.
  • We always feed the birds and we sometimes feed the deer, depending on if we live next to a protected forest.
  • We work as a tribe to see the good and bad plant and bush companions that need to be addressed in the neighborhoods in Nell Studies and at Hearthsong College and with Longwood Gardens.
  • We create spaces to stop and rest along our city streets with benches so that we can walk longer distances in comfort and ease.
  • We start our infill city farms.
  • We make a lot of park space available in our cities, yards and neighborhoods with clear and fun signage so that we feel welcomed and aware of boundaries when they exist.
  • We start demolition of bad companion buildings in our cities so that we can plant and renovate the nell.
  • We make bird and animal sanctuaries by being deliberate with spaces that are close to water.
  • Every bad companion in the yard effects every good plant and tree and pests thrive on bad companions so we intentionally remove bad companions all around the globe with our gardenistas.
  • We function as a world wide team.
  • We begin to establish our kitchen herb apothecaries with our pharmacists in our neighborhoods.
  • We develop new green gardening technologies.
  • We study our water system to improve it so that the oceans and the rivers and the watershed areas are thrive.
  • We use our cultural identity to develop the new earth.
  • We eliminate all abuse and use of animals for meat, entertainment and other harmful and destructive means.
  • We use our sifters in our Touchstone Team to remove and recycle all bad products from the stores and the earth with our trash and recycling experts
  • We take special care with coffee and grapes and persimmons and quince, our cherries.
  • We use our law with the Department of Justice to stop tree abuse and removal.
  • We use our time together in web to be joined as a tribe with our food choices and our libation choices and our studies and our plantings.
  • We design and build our outdoor spaces.


  • Establish perennial garden and use garden planner with lists of all types of flowers and plant annuals
  • Mix in strawberries, have potatoes in boxes, plant sunflowers
  • Plant pots of flowers on front porch and decks
  • Begin barbecuing season
  • Have time outside
  • Lie on blanket on the grass in the sun
  • Take frequent little walks
  • Rock outside in your rocking chair
  • Feed blue jays peanuts once a day or so to really feel the earth singing. They are available on amazon as peanuts to feed the squirrels. The squirrels are quite the thieves, so you need your peanuts in a sealed bin or they will all be gone instantly.
  • Start setting up your coffee houses and your tea houses in your neighborhood nells. These are good places for young adults to hang out and be baristas in and good gathering places for Justice Roots teams for natural law and sacred law work, which is now all environmental law.
  • Order lots of old porcelain tea cups, tea pots, plates and dishes for your tea houses and some porcelain coffee pots for your gathering places. You need a curio cabinet or two with glass doors.
  • Order old silverware with different designs on the handles.
  • Draw yourself as a green man or a green woman or a green boy or a green girl with an intact chakra system and a rainbow field that protects you to ward offer future attacks and to seal in your energy body. Flowers and leaves and roots are nice things to include in your drawing. Some people are using guitars as their symbol of wellness for their bodies. Be creative with your design because drawing has power.
  • Write a statement of protection in your journal that helps you get away from people that harm.
  • Drink orange juice and amaretto.
  • Have a cultural immersion study time for nine to ten weeks with cooking and books on different cultures. We found turkish, ethiopian, mexican, indian, thai, chinese, italian and greek, indonesian, peruvian and lebanese cookbooks that are vegan or vegetarian based. We also got lots of mexican pottery bowls and chinese and japanese bowls and sets of dishes to use instead of our regular pottery or our grandmother’s dishes to make a table spread full of sides and special things. We plan on posting these on a photo app that we share as a tribe. We found children’s books on the study of different cultures to read. We want to have vegetarian meat one day, grilling for summer, sandwiches one day, a baked good once a week at least and our cultural immersion the rest of the time. One week or so per country.
  • Begin filling your bowl with something cold every week so you have something already prepared. This can be ethnic and delicious. I thought of lemony pasta salad for my vegetarian meat dish, which is farfalle or bow tie pasta with vegan chicken, drained and rinsed white beans, lemon juice, olive oil and white wine that is sautéed. Then I’d add sun dried tomatoes or halved cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives and some chopped parsley to the bowl with the pasta. Maybe some feta cheese, too.
  • Try Sioux Visitation time for yourself if you have been isolated and like to chat. Set up a little studio where you can receive visitors for tea and sake and cookies. This works for all ages.
  • Try a letter writing campaign. Say to the pass it along tribe that you are available for cards and letters and/or gifts at a certain address. This is an old fashioned way to join our community that uses the beauty of the hands. Pass along bookmarks and little dried flowers in your letters. You are welcome to have an old fashioned calling card. This could go world wide tidal.
  • Establish your Kraft studio. This is the place where we do all of our crafting. We have felt for animals and felt boards for story telling, beads, embroidery thread, dried flowers, sculpy, play dough, soap making supplies, apothecary supplies, pom poms for making little animals, googly eyes, things for art journaling, things for making notecards, silk flowers for making faeries and string lights, paper mache boxes and animals to paint, Easter crafts, Christmas crafts later in the year, Valentine crafts for February, wreath making supplies and collage supplies. You want a kitchen for food krafts and a wrapping room to keep your things for wrapping presents in. This studio serves as a gathering place for children, elders, women, men and young adults and it is like a tea house. We kraft in summer, in November and December and at Valentine’s day and Easter. Little kids like to kraft all the time.
  • Make faerie crowns. Gather natural materials like tree branches with leaves and flowers outside in a basket. Take a strip of card stock and make it into a circle that you staple together that fits on your head. Attach faerie king and queen attruments to the ring of paper. Sit in your coffee house and enjoy your faerie friends. Think about your life as a faerie king or queen for a long, long time.


  • In your Turkish Coffee House have golden milk nog in a punch bowl with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a little shaving of nutmeg and a sprinkling of cinnamon and an almond cake or almond cookies.
  • For your Kraft (Art for Wellbeing) cut paper into 3 x 3 inch squares and make three little self portraits, one of your past self, one of your present self and one of your future self. Hang on the fridge.