The Coffee Bean Holds Us to Green

Tom Bean is our coffee man on the scene. What does the noble bean have to say to us, I wonder? The bean is a berry, not a bean. It is a fruit. And it grows in a style of consciousness that cannot be corrupted. We are coming into something together now that also can’t be corrupted. This means that we are studying the nell. Like in A Rooted Nell and A Rooted Nell, too and in Nell and Herbalism and Tree studies. The nell for a bean that is a cherry is soil. The nell for a person or an animal or a tree is tribal roots. The soil has to be right for us to grow. We are in a temperate climate. Last year the trees bloomed. The mountains became ancient. This is understandable through the earth. Coffee is a mountain plant. Kali Ma, Lakshmi is the Moon Mountain. She has us in her reiki all the time now. We are starting to have each other in the reiki all the time now, too. Can you feel the cool wind of your soul surrounding you in your auric field as you read this? We can. That means the earth is responsive to us immediately when we are joining her in her light. She says she changes on a dime. A coffee plant does the same. Every choice matters. The coffee bean is our choice. Only drink her with cream and sugar. But have a ritual in a pretty mug or have a flowered porcelain coffee pot to pour her from. This is our way to save the world for we need her oxygen.