The Garden of Learning

Calliope Nell is our goddess. Her name is Mary Rose. She is our Gaia. She is our sacred Mother Earth. And she is responsible for where we have come to and where we are going. I have not been the master planner for this work that we have been a part of. That has been her. And we are now able to register for our Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD studies on tapestry for Dakon University and Wren. I have started my work as a college professor. We started with Cultural Studies. And we came to the goddess. She sets up our garden where we learn and grow. It is our Garden of Learning. Our Garden of Eve. All of our studies are earth-based now, forever. This sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it, luminary tribe? We can begin to be true scholars of the earth and her bounty. In culture studies we were talking about being spiritual seekers. And I said that means that you have a luminary calling. We said we are ready to let go of religion as a tribe and become culture keepers. We believe in tradition. And we love the way that men and women are different. A man loves a woman’s hearth and heart. A woman loves a man’s hands. Nell would like us to communicate clearly and always follow our writing into our sacred home. You can begin your studies by starting an art journal. This is probably a scrapbook, or maybe a journal that you use color in, or a sketchbook. Take the subject you’d like to study and explore what you already know about it. And what you are excited to learn. In this way we join even further in our hearts. Use your hands to write and create art. And study your medicine and your calling. Begin Wren. Go to a class at Dakon today. We have to start getting creative and focused. So, let’s begin something new. Use your skills with your pen. Come along, little wren. The world is our canvas.