The Mennonite Way for Men

A culture really shouldn’t be abandoned. This leaves us without roots. But we can make things easier for ourselves and much more green and just. Mennonite men like to wear clothing that is simple and sturdy. On Amazon you can find Carhartt clothing that is very practical and hearty. There are cargo pants, duck pants, jeans, vests, jackets, cotton t-shirts, socks, boxers and work goggles and gloves. You can get button up shirts and chambray shirts to go over your short and long-sleeved t-shirts. Look up brown leather shoes and Carhartt boots for comfortable footwear.

Car stewards can easily take over transportation needs for people who do not want to drive. This is called Paperide. Men can work together as co-facilitators and in teams. It is best to have someone to support your work. God comes best for all of us when we join together in community. Use mason lodges to discuss what you need to do and form partnerships, friendships and community teams. Mason lodges can be in houses in any central location. These will be provided under the Green Living Initiative. We also like mason bars for men where men can come to have non-alcoholic drinks and talk and listen to music.

Email and the app called Discord allow you to talk on the computer as if you had a phone. You are seeking out connection now with me and the One World Wellness Tribe. Green living is our new faith as the earthkeepers for Gaia Calliope, Mother Earth. There is no reason not to have what you need and care about. If you have a beautiful farm, we have lots of plans in summer and fall to have field trips to come see you. Contact the Dalai Lama and say field trip location in the subject line if you would like to find out how to stay in place and just have people coming to see your beauty and your way. Field trips are our vacations for home schooling. If you are called to organize these contact the Dalai Lama and say Field Trip Steward. You do not have to be Mennonite. Conference Stewards love this sort of thing. There will be group hotel rates, restaurant arrangements, transportation, chaperones, and other travel accommodations that need to be made. Ranchers and boatmen and museum curators are also welcome to host field trips. We would love it. Any idea you have is welcome. I am speaking of our longer term vacations to places we’ve never been before all over the country. But we also like day trips to local places with our home schoolers on Fridays. Our wren participants also like to come on other days of the week.

If you are a farmer we would like to hear from you if you would like to make in-fill farms in the cities. We like to have farms among our houses. We have huge demolition projects to undertake, warehouse districts to attend to, and there is plenty of land available once we get moving. Contact Tai with the subject In-fill Farm Steward to find out how to become a part of our city team to create thriving local economies. Black Bear Truckers that want to remain local and Recycling Stewards and Trash Stewards and Road Stewards and Park Stewards and Carpenter Stewards and Demolition Specialists are also needed. Just put your role in the subject line to Tai and we will join you in teams with Tom Green, our Cohousing Secretary, who is a General Contractor.

Mennonites are dedicated citizens. I think Mennonite is the prettiest word I have ever heard. It means I go with God. I am Beth Anne of the Mennonite faith. And I love your way. Share your world with us, please. We really do need you.