The Free Press

We are starting to communicate about current events on this website. I put some things under Green Living Initiative that are happening right now. I am getting clearer and clearer in my eyesight and my sight. Because I have direct response from a lot of people and I can witness changes happening about me on the internet. And I can witness things happening on my blog. This has been going on for a long time with hacks. But now it is crystal clear that I have a web team. So, now it’s like this. You communicate and I communicate back. The President says he thinks he has a free press. And it’s not word for word from Donald Trump or the Ukraine or fires in California or Dry January or the Duggars. It is what we need it to be. If you have something that needs to be said contact the Dalai Lama with the title free press. And you can instantly be on the world news. He is doing great for us. So is Tai. So is the President. The President’s office has gone through some necessary changes. And that didn’t occur until January 4, 2023. And we’ve been rolling rhythmically with the Dalai Lama ever since. This is our musical channel. This is our listening room. If you have something to say and you are good we will pay attention. We really have become the One World Wellness Tribe now. Ain’t no stopping us now, peoples. There is no stopping us now.