From the Desk of Eunice Kennedy

Eunice Kennedy is our Minister for Elders. We have a lot of work to do to free our most vulnerable citizens from nursing homes, intensive medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, overuse of prescription drugs, substandard living conditions, isolation, loneliness, lack of purpose and forced poverty. We are asking our Mennonite community to step in for us with Eunice to assist with this endeavor. Our elders are our wealth. A lot of the old time business owners are beginning to come out of retirement to support the living economy. If you are bored and far too retired for your health and wellbeing contact the Dalai Lama and say retired. He will put you in touch with the right living economy team. We have coaching for you if you need it to place you in your life’s work anew. If you are an Elder Steward or an Elder Coach contact the Dalai Lama and say that. If you are an elder needing help contact the Dalai Lama and say elder. He will put you in touch with Eunice and her team. We will get our team rolling. We are far to invested in our entire community’s thrive to continue to abandon people based on age or some other thing we have considered uncomfortable for us. A lot of people that are presumed dead are not. When put to death, they were allowed to choose a phone number with an area code that their family would recognize. Try calling them. If they didn’t choose to die they most likely didn’t. We are starting to get it together for all of our abandoned ones. We have taken over the mental health system and the hospitals in the United States now based on building code violations and new laws. We are starting a new day. Wren centers will flourish and so will neighborhoods with diversity. If you need Wren, say Wren to Tai. If you need to work somewhere figure that out, too. We are moving along the continuum of beauty. Let Eunice help you. She’s our good mommy.