From the Desk of the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama, our sacred father Ganesh, has a team of monks that work with him, so you are not burdening him by contacting him for anything you need. And he knows how to get the bad ones out instantly. We are all getting better at that. He is the Minister of Education and Culture with Tai for the World. He wants you to know some things about being a new world citizen in the One World Wellness Tribe.

  • You do not need a green card to live and work in another country if you contact him.
  • Mennonites and Amish people can contact him for green cards and passports and birth certificates.
  • There are sixty-six ambassadors in the United States that are available to help you by contacting the Dalai Lama.
  • We are developing international laws that create world citizenship.
  • We have Secretary of Cohousing named Tom Green and Lisa Green, his wife who is his secretary. They have a team in each green city that can help you with your housing needs. Contact the Dalai Lama with the message cohousing. Cohousing means we live in community. If you are a teenager or young adult and need a room in a house in a Young Town say Young Town. If you want to be a Home Steward say Home Steward.
  • He is very, very glad that you are with us. He loves you and he wants to hear from you if you have something to say that is important to you, because it is important to us, too.
  • He communicates with me every day and he always will.
  • We are all working extremely hard right now, so rest whenever you need to without concern about the time. Our reiki is collective and our bodies are still suffering with the work that we have to do to end all abuse and grey practices. And a lot of people are addicted to supplements and marijuana. We all feel this together. Our body is the body of Rootsong Reiki and we are evolving the planet and the people.
  • The animals are still being murdered and hurt. I can still go to any grocery store or restaurant and order a dead being. This affects us deeply. Justice has not come for wolf and hawk and elephant and father buffalo and mother cow.
  • People are still confined and in prison.
  • Prescription medications are still the answer to health for the world, and we are still required to take them and fill them.
  • Forced treatment is still the prevailing medical system. Doctors are still practicing their trade. Insurance still drains our finances and banks are still big pharma.
  • Governments and police forces are still regimes worldwide.
  • Firemen are still running their protocols for nuclear power and domestic terrorism.
  • Lay practitioners of very involved ritualized actions are still working and funded. Black bears.
  • Many, many people are choosing not to return to reason.
  • We are taking care of these things and we are smarter than the average bear.