From the Desk of the President

Our president is working with the team to heal the planet. He is very aware of how to make sure that the world goes into the correct hands. The things that still abuse us are his responsibility. And he has a lot of good detectives and military men and veterans that are out and about working hard to discover what has really been going on in our country and in our world. There are records. And we have found them. Now we have to just go through them. And our officers are really, really wise and dedicated. It is still going to take us a while to get to the taproot. But this taproot is the center of every injustice we have ever experienced. And we know it. People are on the ground. If you are an excellent keeper of records and understand filing systems we would welcome you on this team. Contact the Dalai Lama.

  • Our president is not worried about anything anymore now that we have a free press.
  • He is getting tons of emails at the White House.
  • He is getting tons of help from government workers now that they know they can act.
  • A lot of elderly workers are starting to take over our world.
  • People really are good. They want better lives.
  • Medicine is our biggest issue. We have too much reliance on doctors and pharmacists and insurance companies. If you are able to work as a phone representative please contact Tai and say Communication Steward. You can talk to people on the telephone. This is very, very crucial to our work as a One World Wellness Tribe.
  • Local banks are necessary, so take your money out of large corporate banks.
  • There is an email system. Contact Tai to get on it with your One World Wellness Intention Statement and Five Things that you Love.
  • Tapestry is our sweet, sweet team platform. Contact Tai to get on it with your Individual Wellness Plan.