Going to Work without Caste or Place Being an Issue

You can work if you are called. It doesn’t matter if your caste or your place as a woman or a young person or an elder is wrong in your society or if you have never had a history of working before. If you have figured out how to get employed in a job that you would like to take on, please proceed and begin your new life as a green mason activist. If you can read, write, speak and use the computer you can work at your sacred calling and use your sacred medicine for the world. An official is just a person that does the tasks that are set before him or her. I am an official. It means I am a worker. That is it. I am a professional. Wear nice clothes, take your thermos of golden milk, pack your bowl in your lunch bag and move along, Stanley and Sarah. We are awaiting your brilliant green light. Shiny, shiny, shiny you are. Oh, you make us so happy. Shiny, happy people laughing. Right?