Natives and People who are Addicted

Well, you might be native. I’m white, but I am a Chippewa. You could say, I guess, if you have always been called native that you stand apart. But we are all prisoners, really, and our world is the same place and you know better now and we are all native to the earth. So, will you let it go, really? Talk to a Mexican or an Iraqi or something. Migrants and Muslims seem to be getting it together. If you are addicted, I barely have anything to say to you. Nobody takes an abortion herb that causes contractions and bleeding if they are a sensible person. I have no idea when you can proceed with moving on with your life. But you are not reliable. So, don’t trust yourself to take on a role for others. And be honest about your drug use. So we don’t trust you either. I can’t say this one is okay, really. It is not.