The Next Generation of God

We just met the next generation of God and Goddess. Pan and Kali. And we have met them thousands of times before. They are in the other earth. We are Earth One. That is called Earth Six. There are twelve Earths in the cosmos. Pan and Kali came through the void. Something like the milky way. The void has always been called Nada San. That’s Kali. Lakshmi. Mother Moon. We went through the entire spin cycle of the profane mind again. Bad words and pain and suffering. The voided Kali is called Kali Yuga. That is the darkest time on earth. The time of the sacred mother is the Time of the Awakened Heart when all beings are free to know justice. Light takes the tree but who could tell us how? We have just been taken by the cut down trees in the park and on the downtown mall and on the street behind and across from my house. They are our guards. Roots and rivers in our bodies, roots and rivers in the earth. We know the river. His name is River Phoenix. He is the boy with the moon and stars on his head. He is the world’s best musician. His music name is Lief Liesel. You can find him on Tapestry. He is five years old. And love is all he said. I am a gardener’s daughter. A carpenter’s daughter. And I am this generation of Kali. Like Kali and Pan. And Charlie Liesel, the Barleycorn, is this generation of Pan. Maisie Schmidt is Cali Green. She is six. She is the next generation of God and Goddess like River is. She has a business called Home Thyme. She is the girl with the moon and stars on her head. Love is all she said. They are our children. We are going to our dwelling place. And our days will be good and long upon the earth. There will be no more rain, for each of us will be the shelter to each other. I have to refind my shelter once again. But I am finding it through being on the web. Everything is a circle. And the mind has been on the spiral path. It goes round and round. Always a step back in and then out again. But we are the sacred healers and listeners of the earth. We are the One World Wellness Tribe. And we are thrive. And we will be spry, once we find our shelter. So, be my shelter and I will be yours. And let’s rejoin the flow. I will take some Flintstones vitamins and rub my feet with Zum oil. And then I will probably go lie down. I might take a bath. Or at least get a hot washcloth for my eyes. I already folded the laundry and put it away. And I ate a quesadilla. I got the evil spins. I really did. And so did Charlie. And now I have to go back to him and check in. It is always the same. And it is totally out of my control. Like my shot is. Like time is. Charlie came over today and he was still invisible. But my eyesight is getting clearer. I am trying to find my place again. Let me just publish this and go talk to Charlie. You’ve done great, I know. Let’s just keep doing our work. She will stop being voided and so will every mason. A voided goddess is no fun for anyone. A safe one is a delight. Just like you, my little wren friend.