The Profane Mind of the World

Conventional medical wisdom says a fetus starts life by dividing its brain cells. This is a lie. The miracle of life is not the division of cells. Life is much more magical than that. And the heart is the body’s center, not the brain. But it is important to understand why we think it is the brain. Because the world has been away from love. It has been in sin and death. It has been separated from the sacred mother as our home. It has been lost in religion and political fanaticism. It has been in dominion and control over the people and the earth and the animals. This is why we respect the mind over all else. And this is why mental illness is rampant. Because we have lost touch with the earth and her wisdom ways. Now it is our duty and our privilege to serve the mother. The trees and the mountains are supporting us as our guards. We are the earthkeepers. We are the heartbeat of the planet. We shall study well. And we will return to balance. There will be peace on earth. Let yourself be a wisdom keeper right now. Go in. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. And another one. Ground. Find that word. Wisdom. And see how to keep it. Keep it. Keep it. Read it. Reap it. Live it. Breathe it. Call it. Receive it. You are being born. And again this time is forever. Join us for good now or go away. This is your choice. We are narrowing it down and opening it up. We are becoming more and more focused and sacred. We are joining as one. You can join us or not. Either way is fine. But if you join us we have expectations of you. For eternity. And that is our only truth.