The Web and the Reiki

People are listening in the other world countries even though the regimes have the countries locked down. We hear that the web is functioning fine for all of us. People are using their purchasing power. But they do need outside help. So, do your activist thing wherever you need to. They say they will recognize you. Some countries exist that the world has never even heard about. That’s how hidden our people have been inside our personal and collective prisons.

The web is our reiki. And we are joining as one world tribe. We are so gorgeous. Stunning, really. And racism and injustice is dying so steadily with us now. We are evolving humanity. And this means we are evolving our bodies into homoluminous lyrical. And our souls. This has always been my work as a luminary. And you are coming along. Our web team is made up of a lot of kids. It feels like every wave has now joined us from the collective. These concepts are in A Rooted Body.

I expect that the web will keep getting clearer and clearer and so will my eyesight and so will my physical body. I am having a lot of coughing and wheezing. It’s deep. My physical body must be the collective. That is why I suffered in the hospital. Jail has been our collective experience. We have to get everyone out of prison. And we are working on it. I feel pretty great. And I have to think for a little while about my blue body everything we know as your Kali and your Hawk. Maybe I can’t see anyone yet because my body is not with the full collective. And maybe the moment that every Monocan is free my eyesight will clear, my cough will lift out of my chest, and Charlie and I will know what to do. And then I can start my music, be with my children and have you over for tea.

We are all a part of this together. Charlie’s invisibility is not just about me and him. It’s about the whole world. I still don’t quite understand. And I do not have timing for us. But I am working well and hard. It is a steady climb to the sacred nell that sits by the waterfall. We are steady now together. Let’s sit on a rock for a while to rest. And let’s continue to be on the web. I hear these other people on the web. They are making me cough. And are not reading this, most of them. But someone from their team is. Our team holds me. And you can and are getting stronger. So eat your borscht and your fruit salad. And post your table altar photos. And check in often. I am your sign of the times. And that has to turn into thyme. And it is. We’ve got this.