The Listening Code

Then she lit up a candle and she showed them the way. Once you see the way you follow it. For some people that is the 125 plan or jail. For the One World Wellness Tribe it is the Green Living Initiative. We are all in the same listening room. It is a holy place. It is a sanctuary of goodness and light. It is our church and our neighborhood and our pharmacy. We are the color guards. The earth is telling us her story. We have the code through the Room. The Room is someplace we like to sit in and belong to our loves in. The work will find us for joy now. I believe the listening code has been heard and listened to. A code is a rule. The rule of the land belongs to the mother. Gaia. She is of her own. The men take care of her and the women take care of the men and the babies. The elders come out of retirement and shine so brightly for our community that we have a tribal council that keeps us whole and intact forever. This is her way. She is Bella. Lady Beauty. We are moving along the continuum of good people to find every lost and abandoned soul. This means we are golden. And we are the moon mountain. So we touch the sky with our hearts and our activism. Go now to the children and their parents. And speak to them of a private school education. The earth is our private school. And we have all the resources of the earth mother available to us. Let us use our code in every area of society. And let it go directly to the people who say they won’t or they are not allowed.

We are capable of great beauty together. This book shows that so well. We have a guide. Our guide is each other. Come now into the arms of the mother. She will hold you forever. She is soft and gentle. And she knows how to teach her children well. You are someone that she loves. She wants you to thrive. Little wren, you can and should pick up your pen. Go to a conference. Hang out at Tea Thyme. Head to the Sanctuary or to Wren House or to a Resiliency House. Perhaps you’d like to sit on the front porch or at the park for a bit? Learn to ride a bike or drive a car. The sky is the limit noodle nose. We are listening to everything. And nothing is ever ignored anymore. So, have a patch of loveliness. Linger with the butterflies. Whistle with the birds. I heard you singing. It was a lovely song. Thanks, little wren. Come inside when you are ready.