Mind Roots®

Mind Roots® is my body of work in the world. I have a tribe. It is the Mind Roots® tribe. We are a team of activists that have been called nothing and thrown away by the world. Some of us have been so thrown away that the world still sees us as lost. And some of us just know that it’s not enough to be here. We want more. We want to follow our most sacred calling. We want to live lives of complete and expanding joy. We want the world to greet us every morning with beauty and God’s grace. And we are determined together that we will arrive home.  It is my joy and my purpose to create sacred space through words, presence and spirit. Through writing and coaching I offer a pathway into our most clear and beautiful lives.

I have found my way to my most clear and beautiful life. I have found it through losing everything I held dear and then rediscovering it. Including who I am in my center. When I opened to my soul’s calling to be a healer I went into the pathway that some of us who are called go into, I went into the pathway of being identified as mentally ill. And then I did this again many years later. I was called back into the trauma and gaping wounds of the mental health system. And what I suffered there makes no sense. It is is a brutal, brutal place to live in. And I had to heal God. And that was brutaI, too. I  had voices and visions and waking dreams. And to the world I seemed lost. And so for a while to myself I was. And then I found my way out of that world and connected to who I really am in my most clear and beautiful self. Everything I went through began to make sense. I embraced the love that I have always been held inside. I learned to see myself for who I truly am and what was once seen as the most broken part of me became my greatest gift. I found my purpose and my calling. And I found my joy. And now I am here to help you do the same. I have worked really hard on creating a new world. I have worked with a team of masters. And I have made more and more sense to myself. I have had every experience there is to have in the world of what is called mental illness and in the path of becoming a master. It is A Rooted Soul that I am constantly living inside of. I have been rooted in my soul for twenty years now. And for the longest time no one else was.

I see things others don’t see. I hear things others don’t hear. I have been everywhere there is to go in the world of the unseen, and I know how to be right here, right now in this world. And this world is full of joy and magic and miracles. In this world we are connected to everything in every moment. And we each have a place in this world. Even those of us who have been seen as lost and broken. We each have our own beautiful place where we can live in the magnificent truth of who we really are. Where we can do what matters to us. Where we can follow what we love and let it take us into freedom.

Does this speak to you? Have you felt lost and broken? Have you been identified by the world and/or by yourself as mentally ill? And in your heart do you know that you are you a mystic, a shaman, a priest, a priestess, a yogi, an ancient one, a healer, a seer, a master? Do you desire more out of life than just being here? Are you constantly living with the intention of being everything you are called to be? Then I am one of your truest friends. Because I believe in you. With all of my heart and soul and mind and body and roots and essence.

I am everything you are. And I have found my path. You can find yours.

Are you tired of feeling lost and broken? Are you tired of your life being about the worst thing that ever happened to you? Are you ready to begin living as your most clear and beautiful self? Are you ready to begin to walk directly towards your soul’s purpose and to do what only you can do?

If you are done with being broken join together with the others like us and let us begin living as the healers we have always been meant to be.  We can begin it now. We can start a movement of healers that does everything that we need to do to heal ourselves and all of the people that we touch.  We don’t need to be trapped in the lost and broken places any more. We can begin to walk toward the beauty and wellness that is our own.

It starts with you. You can begin right now by going towards what you love. I invite you to take a moment right now and breathe. Go inside the quiet place that lives in your heart and tell it that you are ready. Make a commitment to yourself and to this world that holds you that you are ready to be present with your own magnificence. Ask the quiet place if it has a message for you. Know that you are supported and that your intention is the beginning. Your awareness and your presence is an opening. You have so many beautiful gifts to offer the world. Goodness wants to find you and love you and offer you unlimited blessings. Everything in the universe is available to you so that you can honor your gifts. Your path will take you exactly where you need to go to bring the most light, the most joy, the most loveliness to yourself and everyone else on the planet.

Trust yourself and trust in something greater than you that is always holding you. You are as clear as a bubbling mountain stream. You are as beautiful as the most ancient tree in the forest.  You are as strong as the sacred mother elephant that leads her herd through the wilds of Africa. You are everything, right now, in this very moment, that you will ever need to be. The path to your most clear and beautiful life is inside of you. That life is yours if you want it. One small step towards what you love is all you need to take. The rest will naturally follow. Your heart and your soul know exactly where you need to go from here.

Begin inside of you, then share your gifts and your dreams with others. It is through the smallest steps that miracles and movements are born.

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