Mind Roots® Workshops

Profile Picture 1I offer workshops at conferences and events. Workshops include guided meditation, writing, drawing, movement and group sharing and reflection. I will tailor the workshop theme to your audience. Past workshops have included Rainbow Dance, Uncovering your Magnificence, Finding your Strength, Discovering your Purpose.  

Excerpt from meditation from Rainbow Dance:

Imagine that there is a tall tree beside you. Feel its roots going deep into the earth.

Feel its branches reaching high into the sky.

Now go back inside yourself and notice what cares or worries you are holding.

There is a branch on the tree that has been made just to hold your worries.

The branch is capable and strong.

Place your worries on the branch and know that the tree is holding them for you and that they will be safe.

You can return to them after our time together if you need to.

Take another breath in and focus on your body.

We are going to connect to our body through the colors of the rainbow.

We have seven major centers in our body and each one is associated with a color.

Let’s start with red. Focus your attention on the lower part of your belly just above your legs.

This is the center for red. Red is the color of the heartbeat of the earth.

Imagine the center of the earth pulsing with red. 

Now imagine the blood in your veins and your own heart beating to the rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat.

Red is the color of your life force. It connects you to the body of the earth.

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