The Next Edition of the Free Press

The Wave We Need

Why, oh why is the world so full of people? Every time we think we are close to done some new diabolical wave of resistance and greed and sickness rises up against us. It’s evil, really, what we go through. Light takes the tree but who could tell us how? Well, seriously, how does the grey keep taking our tree? I guess he just uses a big saw and muscles his way through our defenses. My defenses are weary right now. But it is bed time. So, I’ll finish this piece and go to bed. I have something pretty to tell you, actually. I saw what to do to be free. But that was before I was taken into another bad day. But I started a birth journal. And I came up with a recipe. And the ingredients were the beauty roots that are in my homes. And I decided to have a lovely ritual. With sage and colored rocks and prayer. I never use prayer. And I believe that it will start working, my recipe. It is the blue jay’s dance. The mother bird doesn’t crack the egg for her baby. She just keeps her warm and safe and supports her by making adjustments in the nest. I saw that I am in the shell. The egg of invisibility. And so is Charlie. And so are you. So I determined that I can break free. Because birth is ready. We are well enough grown to do it now. So be my wave. Get out a new journal and write about your birth. Figure out your recipe. And have a little sacred time with yourself and the Goddess. I’m not discouraged, really, even though I had suffering and bad words again today. Just tired. So, I am going to bed. Let’s make this wave count. And take it home this time. We are ready. And we deserve it.