Political Movements and Regimes

We are getting into the taproot of the world political system now. And that root is huge. And it is not very old. It is based on the antigovernment movement. The world governmental system has been taken over by antigovernment regimes. But they keep records and we have a team of detectives and green mason activists that are pretty darn good at what they do. We’ve discovered that most supporters of these regimes are wealthy or at least doing fine financially. And they are police officers and firemen and senators and judges and truckdrivers. They want a universal minimum wage, zero population growth, unlimited oil, coal, nuclear power and suburbs and strip malls. They want a few people to be in charge of the masses. And they want it to be them. This movement is a counter revolutionist movement. They want anarchy. They call themselves green activists. I find this kind of interesting and amusing now. Because when Joe Biden was running for president and it looked like he would win I wondered what all the government workers who are regular people that worked under Donald Trump with ICE and the insurrection on the capitol would say if given the chance. Because they must be people that feel like they have a call for service if they are government workers. So, if this is you, please contact the Dalai Lama. We need to hear your voice. We know you want better for our children and our world and the silence has to stop now. You must have been tortured. And the people in power are still going about their normal business but you and I are not. We have to uproot them. And we need you to do it. And we know we will. And we think our time frame is around May 2023. Act now and speak your truth.