The Only Choice You Have for a Different Outcome to your Criminal Case

We are made up by the history of our choices. Eternally. What you have chosen is yours. What are you choosing right now? How capable with your drug use, are you able to make a choice? I have no idea how long it takes to come down off your particular high. And if you continue to use drugs, well, go ahead, you’ve chosen. If you continue to violate rights and continue to engage in cultism and brutality, you’ve chosen. But, if right at this very moment you are trying to do something different, do it. In front of the people that violate the ones that are the sacred healers and the sacred listeners of the world. Tell them the truth. I am too high to speak. And I don’t know what I will say tomorrow. But I am trying something new. Not because I need funding, or meat stores or cohosh or cancer treatment, but because I am attempting to return to reason. Share something pretty. It is all available on this website. If you are not allowed, I have nothing else to say to you. Try the piece The Good Ones and The Bad Ones under the Free Press tier. I seriously doubt it will help you. Keep on reading. And keep practicing your new way. With everyone you come into contact with. Fill out your Individual Wellness Plan and file your taxes. Create a wellness vision statement to share with the officer that contacts you. And write down everything you do in your attempt at reason in your written wren toolkit. State your intention to go into a six month Wren Treatment Center in your IWP. Keep a log of your wellness and activism work. Get creative and write your Owl Statement. This is the best that I can do for you. Document your new practices. We can tell if you are lying. And do everything you need to to relieve yourself of addiction. And then you can go into treatment. And you will be well-fed and well-cared for. You will have everything you need to thrive. But if you don’t apply yourself and take it seriously you will go to prison. You are already sentenced for your crimes against the earth and the tribe. But we will give you another chance. But not so many as you think. Treatment and activism are your only options. Use them well.