The Spry Business Solution

The Ethics of Thyme- Creating a Master Business Plan for The World

Time is covid-based functioning. It is the disease of poverty and injustice.

Thyme is earth-based logic. It is the plentiful, beautiful flow of life in a community of people that are kind and available for joy and work.

We are held now. We must hold. And we must be bold in our creativity. I knew a little girl that couldn’t hold the world. I knew a little boy that never had a toy. I knew a young man that had handcuffs on his hands.

It’s my job as your sacred writer to create a business plan for every entrepreneur that has a luminary calling. This is the business plan for the world.

I start here with Life Roots. I let myself engage in magic. I am sharing my writing on the web with the people that love to leap and listen. When I publish it, I let the people in charge take over. And I’m done. When everybody is done, the business tribe sits in council.

In council, we use our talking stick. This is a medium-sized branch or a dowel that is decorated with bells or feathers or beads or ribbons. This is our peace pipe of the Monocan way. The person speaking holds it silently in his hands.

In council the leaders come up with a plan. People will talk and share ideas and make decisions. You will work together to form community teams and groups. You will have a mason secretary to take minutes. And you will see what is needed in your own community and you will select the Community Stewards to take it to your sister communities. You will take the minutes from the council to share them so others can make councils, as well.

We’ll close for the day when we have the say.

This is our Monocan business way.