The Spry Business Solution- A Color Economy

The Ethics of Thyme- Creating a Master Business Plan for The World

Time is Covid based functioning. It is the disease of poverty and injustice. It is the economy of bad things.

Thyme is earth-based logic. It is the plentiful, beautiful flow of life in a community of people that are kind and available for joy and work. It is the economy of good things.

We are held now. We must hold. And we must be bold in our creativity. I knew a little girl that couldn’t hold the world. I knew a little boy that never had a toy. I knew a young man that had handcuffs on his hands.

It’s my job as your sacred writer to create a business plan for every entrepreneur that has a luminary calling. This is the business plan for the world.

I start here with Life Roots. I let myself engage in magic. I am sharing my writing on the web with the people that love to leap and listen. When I publish it, I let the people in charge take over. And I’m done. When everybody is done, the business tribe sits in council. The business tribe is called CAGA. Community Area Green Allies.

In council, we use our talking stick. This is a medium-sized branch or a dowel that is decorated with bells or feathers or beads or ribbons. This is our peace pipe of the Monocan way. The person speaking holds it silently in his hands. Every business should have one.

The council is the new form of community business planning. It’s the new way to have a business association. The time of action is now. We have to hold the businesses and our power of purchasing or we continue with the Covid system.

We know what Covid is as a world culture. It has nearly destroyed us and has brought us to our lowest common denominator. We have all suffered with this death of the light of our most basic ways of functioning. We were afraid of people. We couldn’t even see our families. We had to stand six feet away at all times. We still do. We were bored out of our minds with disuse. We as a world were completely unwell.

We as a tribe value wellness. This is our business value. Business is very sacred. That is the old way. We value our elders. They are the people in the business world who remember the way it was when time was still ours to hold. Like our pharmacists in the a.m. Nell.

Our a.m Nell is our musican village. It is our morning song. It is the earth herself. Calliope Gaia. She is awaiting your birth as the masters of the world. Currency is the Barleycorn. That is the sacred music of Pan. Calliope and Pan are partners. He is the god of the forest. He is the sacred tree. He holds the bird that is singing. The singing bird is the word. The word is the final chord. The chord is sacred.

She is the hearthkeeper. She is the artist that holds our hearts for beauty. She is the sacred nell. The nell is the garden of life and she holds the houses and houses hold our lines and the garden is the replenishment of the soil. The soil is the earth herself and the earth is changed. We have the temperate climate. The flowers are blooming all over the earth and the light is changing.

The light is the Light that is One Light. That is the thing that allows us to be masters. We are the masters of the field. And the field is a beautiful place. And we hold our justice in the fields. The fields are the way we are our past, present and future selves, just like in A Rooted Body.

A Rooted Body is the time of saying yes to freedom, awakening and fulfillment. That is the world wide web. The world web is conditioning itself to grow into fulfillment. The fulfillment is the world wide web. That is a juxtapostion of sound. This is for sacred listeners.

Since you are a sacred listener you go to justice. Justice for you is whatever you have chosen. A business is a justice holder. In a business we sit in council. In council we hold the living economy in our minds and hearts. We love to provide a wonderful service to our people. They love to love us right back.

The council meets once a quarter on the the second Thursday of the month in January, April, July and November from 12:00pm-2:00pm and lunch will be served. Every meeting starts with the entire Resiliency Room statement.

Every licensed business in each municipality is required to send a representative to the quarterly council meeting. Minutes will be taken and shared with staff and interested citizens by email after each meeting through the Council Secretary.

In council the leaders come up with a plan. People will talk and share ideas and make decisions. Business leaders will work together to form community teams and groups. The council will see what is needed in each community and will select the Community Stewards to take ideas to sister communities. The Council Secretaries will take the minutes from the council to share them so others can make councils, as well.

Business owners will have a shared software system called CAGA and a community business email list. Information can be shared between meetings and a Mason lodge will be assigned to each municipality to handle issues that need attention that can not be dealt with in the council.

In this way the business community will thrive, be spry and have plenty of time to rest.

We’ll close for the day when we have the say.

This is our Monocan business way.