Green Business Guild Motto

Every green business is a good business. Quality and kindness are our mottos. A rose blooms in May. It’s time to hold the way. The way has to be different than anything we’ve ever done as a world-wide community before. We sing the world. If we let it the world sings us back. We dedicate our businesses to our customers and to the artists that create the wares that we all love and thrive with. We love to be of service to art and wellness. This is an international green mason movement. We know as business owners that without care and devotion to beauty we cannot succeed. We want to heal the green world so that everyone that loves life has an opportunity to thrive. We love life with you. We choose to walk the beauty way by your side. We know we are necessary. And we love to work. Let’s join together to create something stunning. We know what to do. And so do you. Let us give thanks for our grace and belonging. For a business is a belonging leader. Belonging means family. We are a family of Sioux. Let’s be pretty and let’s pass it along. We are the community song.