Green Community Action Council

The GCAC is the council for every business, Wren center or municipality that oversees the Green Living Initiative. They meet monthly on the second Tuesday from 11:30am-1pm. Lunch is served. Each meeting is started by reading the entire Resiliency Room statement. Each business is run by the Leadership Team, which is the Executive Director, the Accounts Director and the Coordinator of Wellness and Empowerment. Staff is hired by using the staff interview questionnaire.

These are our leadership positions:

  • Coordinator of Wellness and Empowerment- a hired position through the Executive Director’s office that oversees the GCAC and makes agendas, sends out e-mails and plans an annual Resiliency Conference. Works as the advocate for any issues that need attention for green mason citizens. Oversees all programming and business activities that are empowerment based.
  • Chair- runs meetings based on agenda and meets with the Executive Director and the Coordinator of Wellness and Empowerment monthly. Works with Coordinator of Wellness and Empowerment on any empowerment issues. Helps with annual conference.
  • Vice-Chair- co-facilitates meetings, helps chair with all tasks.
  • Secretary- takes minutes and sends them to Coordinator of Wellness and Empowerment who emails them out to GCAC list.
  • Ambassadors- people that are advocates for the GCAC. Help with conference and food and any other issues.