The way you work in a Wren Center, Sanctuary, college or another type of business is to follow your heart to your most clear and beautiful life. If you have a calling come along. There are many ways to serve in the living economy.

If you work in a business, your way to study with us is to join a Green Mason Guild. These guilds are the center of the business community. We like our Spry. We like to fly. Fly along wren hawk. You can show us the way home.

You can be a certified Life Roots Healing Practitioner (A Wren Specialist) by studying this website and submitting your OWL statement. If you are reading and practicing wellness and vegetarianism and all-rights and green mason activism you are already a Rootsong Reiki Master. This makes you a shining star according to us.

We plan to have little herbal apothecaries and tidbit shops called The Moon Exchange and art and stationery supply areas in our Wren Centers. We will have Moon Blooms as our clinics. We need our Herbalist Doctors, who are our pharmacists to run our kitchen herb apothecaries. We need experienced master coaches in our clinics to talk to people about their health and wellness needs.

Our stores need to be set up and so do our offices and kitchens and group rooms, so green mason carpenters, designers, landscapers, plant stewards, purchasers, movers, ambassadors, admission counselors, coaches, transportation organizers, master trainers, conference staff, gardeners, chefs, staff that assists with organizing and stocking, front desk staff, office assistants, office managers, house managers for our residential programs, building managers for our day programs, storeroom managers for our group meals, employment specialists to help with work duties, housekeepers and recyclers are also needed. We also need Wren Executive Directors, Coordinators of Wellness and Empowerment and Accounts Directors for our Leadership Teams. We need others for our Green Community Action Councils in every center, sanctuary, college and business. If you have a special skill that can be used for what we are describing join us.

There has been such a void of good works in our world. Men don’t teach our sons how to be men and women don’t teach our daughters our traditions. We are always relying on someone else to help us. A doctor, a therapist, a teacher, a lawyer. We never use our instincts to thrive. We all know what it means to be bored and ineffectual.

I respect you if you are dedicated. Figure it out in your community. We are in need of people to hold the role of wise practitioner in all areas of our society and our economy. We have our kids and our elders our most vulnerable ones to think about. Let us take care of them now. This is your activism and your sacred calling. Go along, you wren hawk. Be wise and share your light. Everything you need is on this website.