Jobs and Funding in the Living Economy

We are entering the living economy together as the One World Wellness tribe. In our living economy, which is an artista economy based on beauty, kindness and the brilliance of our hearts and minds together and separately we all have a necessary and sought after role to play. This is our sacred purpose, our sacred calling and our sacred medicine. This book, Life Roots has a lot potential for you to discover your true brilliance path. This is your beauty way. We have teams. And our teams are in all areas of our world systems. We all want to be inspired and to give something of ourselves to others. Including the animals and the earth. This is our code. When we follow our code we understand what to do and who to do it with. So, our jobs are what we thrive with. There are not prescriptions for what we do with our work and we don’t ever need to follow scripts. Limits to our beauty and brilliance are no longer tolerated. We have universal education. People that resist this still are not in our tribe. But we are smart. And we are dedicated. And there are more and more of us every day.

Funding is beautiful. Money is fake. We can have a paper economy. We already do. This means resources are abundantly available to everyone that follows our code. This is green. And this is activism. And this is life.

Currency should flow to the ones that protect and cherish the earth and her bounty and her loves. Little children should be safe at all times. There is no such thing as an original sinner except we are eternal souls in a soul family and the people that are after us now have been after us forever.

This is what we mean as your leaders, and we consider you a leader, too, by the living economy. Everyone in our system thrives. So find your place. I know you can do it. Use your team. Be your most clear and beautiful self. We promise your place is right next to us in the family of things.