The Touchstone Team

We need certain kinds of activists to be our ground breakers for our green world. This involves research, mason work and farming work.

  • Farmer Researchers- Write every plant, vegetable, flower and grain that has ever passed through your hands and make notes to share. Base it on good companions and bad companions in the nell.
  • Animal/Plant Researchers- Look at which animals are good companions with which plants.
  • Sifters- Go through every product in department stores, clothing stores, convenience markets and grocery stores and decide which ones stay with us and which ones we recycle and which ones we send to the prison system. This goes to all levels because we need to move things along the chain.
  • Collectors- These are our dried product specialists. They take care of teas, pine cones, dried flowers, nuts, dried beans, and grains.
  • Tumblers- Our rock stewards, brick layers, cement masons and road masons.
  • Soil Stewards- Our roots that take care of our soil, mulch and compost for our root system.
  • Supply Stewards- These stewards look at what products we sustain and let go of for many types of supplies in the chain. These include our purchasers.
  • Fence Stewards- To open up fence lines and install dog doors for nells with animals.
  • Libation Specialists- Brew, grow and create our beverages that we love and work within the supply and education chain.

These jobs are our touchstones for information and supply. This is our Touchstone Team. These professionals are our backbone. We need them in ways we don’t yet understand because it hasn’t yet been developed, our thriving world. They should meet in each municipality as an interdisciplinary team four times a year. This is in the months of March, June, October and December on the second Wednesday from 12pm-2pm with lunch served. Each meeting is started by reading the entire Resiliency Room statement. The team should appoint a Council Secretary to take and distribute minutes to interested citizens and the CAGA Business Council. A representative of the Touchstone Team will attend the quarterly CAGA Business Council meetings to share their work.