The Company Store

All companies and professions are world companies and professions for the new earth inside the living economy. All world companies and professionals are green mason companies and professionals with an international set of standards. This means that through an intensive process of community investigation and intentional design and communication we are creating a new leadership system. Our investigative process included every corporation, business and profession. We were aghast at what we learned, but it was really no surprise to us.

We are all required to follow the law. The law states that businesses and professionals follow a code of green ethics. Green ethics means we follow a set of standards that protects the rights of people, animals and the earth. Through thorough public research we know the truth of your situation in your business, non-profit or profession.

If you have not been following green standards and ethics your business and profession and your career will not survive in the living economy. The One World Wellness Tribe has purchasing power. And we are beginning to join together to use it in a common way that is designed by us for health, beauty and belonging.

We are rewriting our world. We are the sacred writers, the sacred listeners, the sacred healers and the green mason activists. If you are an entrepreneur and have a brilliant idea for a new business come along to the guilds and councils that are being set up. We are walking steadily into the living economy where no one ever hurts us again with substandard products and substandard care. We have high standards and we do not tolerate abuse or injustice.

Business is designed to be ethical. A professional has a code that they are required to follow. It’s been against goodness and for greed for far too long. We are telling you we need you to be good business people. With our ethics and our values always at the top of your minds and hearts and products. We want the world to go back to 1924 business practices with our new understanding of justice and beauty as your guide. Watch The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady to get an idea of pretty cars, old-fashioned values and beautifully designed clothing.

We like to work for you a few hours a week. In our cities for your small businesses we will be your tillers for a shift. You can put a sign in your window or send an email and we will come on in and work for you while you move along to other things. We want you to rest. We want to rest, too. We want you to start earlier for us and close sooner in the afternoons. The earth and the streets and the communities and the animals need a break from traffic, lights and noise daily and on Saturdays and Sundays. We have early dinners and we do not expect to eat out or shop at night. But we like breakfast and coffee and someplace to sit when it is still dark in the mornings.

We need certain types of businesses from you. New ones and old ones. Companies like Ford Motors, Chevrolet, Sears, Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Costco and something like K-mart have to come back with our old leadership team. We want old-fashioned Five and Dimes (variety stores). We want old-fashioned pharmacies with kitchen herb apothecaries to buy our pretty notecards and our candies and our tidbits. We like to talk to our neighborhood pharmacist. We need shoe stores with good quality shoes and boots for men, women and children. We need children’s clothing stores but not adult. We like to get our clothes as adults at department stores and online. We need art supply stores and craft stores. We need toy stores that are magical and child-friendly. We need flowers, indoor seasonal plants, olives, vegetables, fruits, berries, melons, bread, fresh German pretzels, pastries, donuts, cakes, cheesecakes, pies, Italian cookies, cannolis and gourmet cheeses in our grocery stores that are gourmet market quality. We need vegetarian Mexican markets with lots of tortillas, cheeses, beans, cream and fruit popsicles, all kinds of rice, pastries, avocados, papayas and mangos. We need vegetarian Asian and Indian markets. These are fun and we want a supply box of vegetarian staples from them once a month. We like to buy big and little rice pots and electric tea kettles at Asian markets. We like to buy rye flour at Indian markets to make our sourdough starter for our bread and we like soft Indian cheese and good, flavorful rice. We like bakeries and pastry shops and different types of bread shops and pie shops and donut shops. We like juice bars, soup and salad bars and smoothie shops. We like ice cream shops, old-fashioned soda fountains, frozen custard stands, frozen yogurt shops and gelato stores. We need coffee houses, barista bars and vegetarian restaurants, mocktail bars, private mason bars and old-fashioned diners and pubs. We like vegetarian delis and coffee bars in our grocery stores. We want antique malls that are treasure troves of good things and we want places to buy pottery and teapots and sake sets. We want gift stores and crystal shops and places to buy satchels and purses. We like vegetarian bowls with falafel and kofta and tofu and Korean fast food bars and fast food vegetarian sushi bars. We like Japanese and Thai and Chinese restaurants that are fancy for dates with sushi and sake and curried udon noodle dishes and all kinds of good tofu and vegetarian meats and dim sum. We like things we never thought of like flan bars and places that let us hang out for a while with no pressure. We like vegetarian hotdogs in our coffee houses so we have a little snack besides pastries when we are busy with our journals and our laptops.

Do you see our world? We do. We need you with your brilliant business heart. Now is our time to join our community and have so much abundance time that we shine like moonbeams on a midnight sea. Come along, business friend. You have work to do for us. Beauty work.