The Living Economy Solution

We are starting something called the living economy. It is a paper economy. That means money is web based. It is the artista economy. That means we all do our work as artists. We follow the beauty way in the living economy. We live in beautiful homes, have beautiful studios, wear beautiful clothes and eat beautiful food. We are funded. There is universal classical education for the earth-based learner for all ages through the Dalai Lama. We have Carrot Tots for babies, Morning Friends for preschoolers and kindergardeners and Green Rose Acadiums for elementary and middle and high school. We have PhD community colleges and universities and mason universities for men and women. This is a shared vision. To join the living economy you need to find your network. Seek out other green mason activists. Find the web of our community. Then every opportunity is available to you. You can and will follow your sacred purpose, live from your sacred calling and you will begin using your sacred medicine just like I promised in A Rooted Body. This book is available on Amazon. It is the key to freedom, awakening and fulfillment in the new consciousness. The living economy is something I have been working on for years now. And it is your home in this beautiful green world. We all matter. And our work counts. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how you’ve been labeled or treated. You are the miracle this world needs. We have plenty of resources available to you. Wren centers, resiliency rooms and plenty of books. The five roots/body roots/life roots dance tribe which is our sacred study of conscious dance and music in a listening room. The acoustic roots musicians in the Pan Musica Guild who are ready to shine for you. You can be the artist you are meant to be. That might mean you are a coach, or a musician, or a potter, or an officer, or a writer, or a chefista. You might have an idea for a fabulous business. Or perhaps you are a carpenter or a recycler. We have plenty of jobs for you. And plenty of things for you to study. Come along, now, friends and artists, join the living economy. Once, again, find your allies. Someone has heard of this already. I just know it. And seek out the truth again and again. Practice your ways. And delve deep. You are the person the living economy needs right now. Take a deep breath in and send it down to your heart and your belly and your fingers and your toes. Love, love, love. We are the love. This revolution is kind of secret. That is why I am not capable of giving you specific instructions. But God is listening to your heart right now. So write and find your way. Then I will find mine, too.